Three reasons why My Sister’s Bones will be the world’s next big thing

Mark my words, this psychological thriller will keep you hooked from the first word till the last.

Camillia Dass
Camillia Dass

Published: 1 February 2017, 11:47 AM

Ever since The Girl On The Train graced our shelves and then screens, the world has been looking for the next big thing.

Well, today, that great big thing is here and it’s in the form of psychological thriller, My Sister’s Bones.

My Sister’s Bones by Nuala Ellwood is a novel that follows Kate, a war reporter, who returns home to sort out her late mother’s affairs after going through what can only be described as hell in Aleppo.

After managing to successfully stay away for many years, Kate returns to the ghost of her childhood, where she meets her alcoholic sister, encounters the mystery around her dead brother, and stumbles on her memories of a violent childhood.

Here are three reasons why I think My Sister’s Bones is going to be the world’s next big thing.

1. It is truly gripping

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and have just have not been able to put down a book, no matter how hard I try.

With a voice that draws you in and refuses to let you go, Nuala Ellwood weaves a majestic story that will make sure that no matter how many assignments you have, or how many exams you have to study for, you will be forced to put everything on hold.

Fact: I’m currently rushing to catch up on my studying because of the time off I took for this novel.

2. The plot twists never end

The plot twist in Gone Girl is so iconic that many authors have been trying to replicate it for years.

If we’ve learnt anything from the wild successes of Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, it’s that people love plot twists. In fact, after Gone Girl, it seemed like everyone was trying to replicate the book’s gut-wrenching twist.


Remember Gone Girl’s plot twist?
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Nuala Ellwood, however, seems to have mastered the technique of creating the perfect plot twist that isn’t cheesy, overdone, or just plain unrealistic. And she takes that weapon that she has, and wields it over and over again in her debut thriller.

Instead of having a big plot twist in the middle, the book drags out the story perfectly. Out of nowhere, it hits you right over the head and continues to do so repeatedly, till you find yourself feeling exhausted at the end of the novel.

You may think that having many plot twists is overdoing it, but I completely disagree. In fact, it feels just right.

3. The characters are fascinating

One of my favourite parts of this novel were the characters, which were well developed and distinct. Each character had complex back stories that were fleshed out well.

Even characters that were only featured in a couple of the chapters seemed to be completely believable, which can sometimes be hard to do.

You will get attached to these characters, and each sucker punch will feel harder than it actually is.

So there you go. All the reasons why I know that you’re going to be seeing this book plastered in every bookstore and then later on every movie screen. It really is the next big thing.

Keep a lookout for My Sister’s Bones when it is released in bookstores this month!

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