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Three features to look out for at Climb Central Katong

Children must be aged five and above and weigh at least 20kg to climb the walls.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 27 June 2022, 2:49 PM

Rock climbing gym Climb Central recently opened its fourth and latest outlet at i12 Katong on Jun 23.

Called Climb Central Katong (CC Katong), the gym is the first of the four to cater more towards families and young children with its beginner-friendly climbing routes and child-centred design.

Here are three unique features:

1. Jungle-themed mural

Unique to CC Katong is the jungle-themed mural is specially dedicated to kids. 

Unlike your regular climbing walls, the mural has theme-specific interactive elements such as ladders, tyres, ropes and climbing shapes that resemble koi fishes and turtles.


Each route has its own storyline. GIF CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/RESHMA SUBRAMANIAM


Designed by the Climb Central team and illustrated by local artist Hollowist, the mural simulates the feeling of scaling the trees of a real forest.

2. The Hang

Every Climb Central branch has its own key feature. For the CC Katong gym, it’s the arc and valley, otherwise known as The Hang.


CC Katong has a total of 12 lead climbing walls whereby the climber is able to clip their rope into bolts in the wall. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/RESHMA SUBRAMANIAM


With a slope of more than 90 degrees, the overhang is a good spot for climbers to challenge themselves and put their climbing techniques to the test!

3. Rope’s Course

Another key feature is a high-element kids rope course which is set to open at the end of August.


Adults are welcome to try out the course as well! GIF CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/RESHMA SUBRAMANIAM


It will include multiple obstacles such as a cheese wall and a spider web to test the endurance and courage of children as well as help them develop a sense of dexterity and motion.

Beyond these features, climbing enthusiasts can also look forward to new routes every week as the instructors at Climb Central will personally redesign the routes as a way to keep things fresh and exciting for all.

Founder of the Climb Asia Group and Climb Central, Halil Ngah said: “Our fourth outlet is different from the previous three with stronger emphasis on making sure that we cater to the young who wish to have a taste of what rock climbing is like.

“I hope that Climb Central Katong will become a hub for the young and their families all over Singapore who wish to scale new heights for generations to come.”

CC Katong is located at i12 Katong, 112 East Coast Road, #04-01/02, Singapore 428802 and is open from 11am to 11pm from Monday to Friday and 9am to 9pm from Saturday to Sunday.

Other Climb Central branches are located at Kallang Wave Mall, Funan Mall and Novena Square.

For first timers, entry is $35 for adults, $30 for youths and $41 for an adult-child pair.

To view the full price list, visit Climb Central’s website.

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