This is home, truly: Singaporeans unite in nationwide singalong

Nigel Chin

Started writing for the passion. Now writing because it’s the only thing I can do.

Published: 25 April 2020, 9:26 PM

Were you singing along too?

This is home, truly. There’s no better song to sing now than Home, as Singapore continues to deal with the COVID-19 situation.

On Saturday (Apr 25), singer-songwriter Dick Lee, together with celebrities such as Felicia Chin and Taufik Batisah, led a nationwide singalong of ‘Home’ at 8pm to show appreciation towards our frontline workers and volunteers

Plenty of Singaporeans joined along too, as evident from their Facebook posts, as families all came out in full force.

Some even lighted up candles,

Others waving their flashlight from their windows, or waving frantically from the corridors of their HDB flat.

It included Singaporeans of all ages,

while one family even brought in mini Singapore flags!

And we also had the beautiful voice of Wu JieZhen joining in from Boston. Singapore heard you JieZhen!

This is home, truly. Singapore, we cheer in good times together and we come as one in times of need.

And we definitely can do this together!

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