Things to do in Singapore during Phase 3

From go-karting to cosmic bowling, here are some fun yet affordable activities for groups of eight or less.

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Published: 7 January 2021, 9:52 AM

With Singapore currently in Phase 3 of reopening, we can finally hang out in groups of eight.

If you’re looking for fresh (and affordable) ideas on what to do with your friends and family, be sure to check out this list!

1. Go Karting

How does zooming around on a go-karting circuit with your friends sound? If it arouses a thrill in you, pay Maximum Drift Karting Arena a visit! 

They allow up to eight drivers on the track at one time, making sure no one gets left out!


The Drift Karts have a top speed of 30km/h. PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM/@MAXIMUMDRIFTSG


Alternatively, you can head down to KF1 Karting Circuit, which allows drivers of all ages to enjoy!

2. Spend a lazy afternoon at a gaming café

If you and your friends prefer a cosy place indoors to chill and have fun, consider visiting Play Nation, a gaming café where there are plush beanbags and widescreen TVs.

Starting from $10.90, play to your heart’s content with a wide range of board games or console games paired with free-flow drinks and snacks.

As another option for board games is the Mind Cafe, with over 500 games for you to enjoy from just $6 during the weekdays!

On Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays, the café is open till 6am and even offers free-flow drinks and snacks with gaming packages for you to pull an all-nighter!


The night never grows old at the Mind Cafe. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/THE MIND CAFE (SINGAPORE)


3. Immerse yourself in some virtual reality

If you’re itching to lay your hands on some virtual reality games, look no further than V-Room.


Be amazed by the new virtual worlds at V-Room. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/VROOM – EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL REALITY


Whether you choose to fight against a vicious alien race, solve challenging puzzles or survive a zombie apocalypse, there are games for everyone!

At just $24 per hour, grab a VR headset and enjoy an afternoon of fun and games!

4. Mini-golfing at Holey Moley Golf Course

Do you want to be the next Tiger Woods? You can head down to Holey Moley Golf Club which features a mini-golf course and bar.


Holey Moley has the weirdest and wackiest golf holes. PHOTO CREDITS: FACEBOOK/HOLEY MOLEY GOLF CLUB SINGAPORE


To spice things up, every course has a few challenging stations that require more precision and time, so you’re sure to be kept on your toes in the craziest round of golf you’ve ever played!

5. Soar around indoors at a trampoline park

Bounce your way into the new year at AMPED, Singapore’s first trampoline park. From a slam dunk zone to a parkour wall, AMPED has a myriad of features for you to pick a fight with gravity.

You can also purchase their Covid Party packages, with the cheapest one starting at $245 for an hour of jumping and two hours of party room usage for eight people!

Alternatively, you can visit Katapult Trampoline Park, which allows you to freefall back into the foam pit, bag jump and many others.


You get to keep fit with your friends while having fun! What’s not to love? PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/AMPED TRAMPOLINE PARK – SINGAPORE


6. Cosmic Bowling

K Bowling is Singapore’s first cosmic bowling alley in Singapore. With flashing neon lights and sick beats, get ready to score those strikes with their in-house DJ.


K Bowling offers a bowling experience like no other. PHOTO CREDITS: INSTAGRAM/@KBOWLINGCLUB


You can enjoy all of these starting at just $11 per game per person!

7. Solve escape rooms

With the additional three people you’ve roped in, you can put on your thinking caps and conquer even the most difficult escape rooms.

At around $20 per pax, consider the likes of The Escape Artist, Lost and Xcape.

From escaping zombies, breaking out from a suicide forest or outwitting the Terracotta Army, there’s definitely something to satiate the thrill-seekers in your friend group.


Xcape offers an immersive experience from different movies such as Harry Potter, Annabelle and Resident Evil, appealing to fans of these movies. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/XCAPE SINGAPORE


8. Laser tag your loved ones

Whether you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate someone’s birthday or an exhilarating yet casual hangout with your friends, Laser Tag Singapore has got you covered!

From $15 per pax, you can build your teamwork and communication skills with your loved ones with four featured laser tag games.


Protect your nation or fight to acquire the rarest gems at Laser Tag Singapore. PHOTO CREDIT: LASER TAG SINGAPORE


9. Dart around obstacles at Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Leap across green fields as you dodge shot after shot of paintballs fired by your opponents at Red Dynasty Paintball Park

Although it is on the pricier end of this list at $250 for a group of five (additional pax at $55) for 1.5 hours, it is definitely something to try once in your lifetime.


Gather your comrades and navigate obstacles and bunkers to dominate the battlefield. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/RED DYNASTY PAINTBALL PARK


Pre-bookings are compulsory and don’t forget to abide by safe-distancing measures when you’re there!

10. Explore lesser-known parts of Sentosa Island

If you live in Singapore, you’re definitely no stranger to The State of Fun. However, there are many hidden gems on the island that few have discovered.

You can explore the off the beaten track Imbiah Trail and take Insta-worthy shots. Remember to be on the lookout for the many interesting structures along the way!


A forested hill that’s 80m high, Mount Imbiah invites those who wish to experience a different side of Sentosa. PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/@SENTOSA_ISLAND


You can also explore Palawan Beach, where you can cross over the beach to the Southernmost Point of Continental Asia.

Alternatively, consider playing water sports such as jetpacking, kayaking and many more at Ola Beach Club.

11. Spend a night at a boutique hotel

There’s nothing short of an exciting staycay you can enjoy with your friends at the myriad of boutique hotels in Singapore.

If you’re in the mood for immersing yourself in all things Peranakan, Hotel Indigo might be the perfect fit for you. If you’re looking for a hotel with a sleek, modern design, take The Warehouse Hotel into account.

You can also have a relaxing stay at an unconventional hotel without having to break the bank at the Lloyd’s Inn.


Bathed in soft natural light, you’ll feel like you’re in a cosy Airbnb in Europe. PHOTO CREDIT: LLOYD’S INN


Need more tips on more unique hotels you can visit? We’ve got you covered here.

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