Things that happen in movies but never in real life

They warp our ideas of reality.

Nurfaizah Faizuwan
Nurfaizah Faizuwan

Published: 8 March 2016, 12:17 PM

If you spend lots of time watching television shows or movies, you would know that there are some things, like being seated next to the most handsome girl or guy in class by chance or looking good while crying, can NEVER happen in real life.

Here are eight things that always happen in movies but never in real life, not even in your wildest dreams:

1. Disappearing behind buses that go by.

More often than not, this scenario only happens in horror or thriller movies.

Unless you run at the speed of light, this is not possible in real life. They are just created to scare you.


I am sorry, but Regina George from mean girls deserved this.
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2. Washing faces without splattering water everywhere else.

This does not only happen in television shows or movies, but advertisements too.

Is there a special method to it that I don’t know of? Can somebody please enlighten me? I would appreciate any tips because I do not enjoy getting the upper half of my shirt wet all the time.


If only all facial wash advertisements depicted the truth…
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3. Not paying for the cab fare and immediately exiting it to chase your lover or friend.

If you were to do this in Singapore, the taxi uncle will confirm plus chop STOMP you, or flame you online. The concept of free cab rides simply does not exist.


Not only will you be subjected to the taxi uncle’s scolding, you will also be embarrassed for life.
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4. Awkward guys or girls who always end up getting the hot girl or guy.

It is always the same old story.

The hot guy befriends the awkward girl, and said awkward girl falls for hot guy (like any other typical girl would). Awkward girl then changes her looks or personality to try to get the hot guy’s attention, but ends up receiving this “compliment”: “I liked you the way you were.” Vice versa. *rolls eyes*

From awkward girls and guys all around: thanks for giving us high hopes, yeah?


Mtv’s awkward revolves around the cliché about a hot and popular guy falling in love with an awkward girl.
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5. Agreeing to pick people up without specifying the location.

This tends to happen in sit coms, especially when an emergency pops up and the character needs to be somewhere else as soon as possible. The character then calls a friend to pick them up and they seem to know where they are.

Be it in front of the shopping mall or a quaint little coffee shop, they will be there instantly. How can?!

6. Being able to afford a nice apartment despite being poor.

Most broke adults in television shows tend to have jobs that pays them peanuts despite working like a cow. However, their apartment never seems to reflect their poor financial status. They have branded items AND the latest iPhone model. Exactly how broke are you supposed to be?


In Glee, Kurt, Rachel and Santana worked at a restaurant as waiters.
Yet, they could afford staying in a huge loft.
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7. Waking up with perfect hair and a perfect face.

You know, when you’re a teenage girl, you tend to believe everything you see on television. Little did I know, that was not how I was going to look every morning.

Instead of waking up with a perfectly ‘au naturale’ face and perfect hair, I looked more like a hobo.


Finally, something accurate from a disney movie.
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There are plenty more scenarios that never happen in real life, but these are just some that tend to happen way more often.

What are some other unrealistic depictions that annoy you? Share with us below!

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