These pranks are no joke

April is not the only time to fool around.

Janice Chua
Janice Chua

Published: 5 April 2017, 3:58 PM

Pranks are mostly entertaining, at least from an audience point of view…Or if you were the prankster…Or if the prank does not go horribly wrong and end up in disaster.

Here is our compilation of the best prank stories, for your (and our) entertainment.

Ai Xuan, 22, Undergraduate

This horrifying incident occurred to me while I was doing an internship as a writer.

I was rushing to meet the deadline for an article that I was writing for Christmas. It was near completion so I saved the word document on my laptop and went for lunch. I left the laptop unlocked, with the document opened wide on the screen.

I returned from lunch and found, to my utter horror, a word document that was entirely blank except for the text “MERRY CHRISTMAS” typed across it in big, bold, red font!


I was literally living a nightmare when I first saw this.


It was the worst shock of my life and I promptly burst out in tears.

I just couldn’t process what was happening, not even after a fellow colleague managed to find the original document on my laptop. (It had been renamed and saved in another folder.)

I was crying so hard that my mascara came off and streaked black rivulets down my face.


I learnt to use waterproof mascara after this incident.


Shortly after, I found out that it was my supervisor who pulled this frightful prank on me. Life XP +1000, age +10.

Audrey Leong, 20, Student

Our class decided to play a trick on our teacher to make her question her hearing. We stayed silent and only mouthed words when she started class.

She looked confused initially, but she eventually figured it out and reciprocated with a “surprise” for us.

She sprung a test that we “must have forgotten about” upon us, and said that it will count for 30 per cent of our CA grades!

That got all of us talking out loud at once, in protest.

Edwin Lim, 21, NSF

I pulled this prank on my “table partner” (a classmate whose desk is joined with yours) who was a girl, while we were in secondary school.


Her poor mom spent a long time trying to get those bullets out.


Our school uniform for girls resembled the Sailor Moon outfit, with a huge bib on the front. It was class break and as a joke, I stapled 15 staples repeatedly, onto my table partner’s bib.

I was pretty amused and proud of myself because she didn’t realise what I was doing. She’d been so engrossed in texting on her phone and listening to music on her earpiece.

It was only when she received a heavy scolding from her mum that she realised what had happened…and who was to blame.

I became the sole target of her silent wrath in full force. She ignored me for days and it was pretty bad for me to endure because she was my only table partner!

Carissa, 21, Undergraduate

My friend pranked us into eating wasabi during a school lecture.

She replaced the filling of every single Collon (a Japanese snack brand) biscuit with wasabi, except one. To catch us off guard, she started off by eating the one with the original filling. Then she told us to take one each and pass the snack on down the row.

I took my first bite and my senses immediately went numb! All I could feel was a stinging pain rushing up my nose and burning my eyes. I was on the verge of crying, due to the shock and pain!


It was such a traumatic experience that I stop and cringe whenever I see the brand.
Posed photos: Chua


But the worse part was that I had to fight very hard to keep it in because we were in the middle of a lecture! I wasn’t the only one, those who ate the snack all had cramped up facial expressions. The lecture hall was filled with disgruntled noises and whimpers.

That friend of mine is definitely one hell of a #prankster.
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