The usual five at roadshows

You can definitely spot these few when you are working at a roadshow!

Samantha Ng

Published: 21 August 2015, 3:54 PM

If you have ever worked at a roadshow, you will know this: It does not matter which company you are with, where the roadshow is held and what time it is; it is all about the responses from the people on the street.

Here are the five kinds of people you might see at a roadshow.

The apologetic ones

These are the ones who are not interested in the product, but choose not to be rude about it. Instead, they feel guilty that they are unable to help you.

They usually seem to be in a rush, mouthing a quick apology at you as they dash off. Another signature move of theirs is to smile, wave and say “Sorry!” while walking away.


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The (kind of) irrelevant ones

For every roadshow, we usually cater to a specific target audience, be it housewives or youths. Occasionally, we might catch the eyes of curious strangers who are not relevant to our target audience. They tend to loiter around, waiting for someone to approach them.

And when they finally approach us, we always find ourselves in a dilemma: should we engage them, or push them away? How awkward.


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The rude ones

These rude ones are every walking promoter’s worst nightmare. They usually pretend that you do not exist, and they might even address you in a condescending manner.

If you happen to approach them when they are with their friends, they will be the ones telling their friends to say “No”, and are quick to express disinterest on their behalf.

We are all trying to make a living, but these people have no chill at all. Boo you.


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The friendly ones

These are the ones who always return your smile. Most of the time, they are willing to listen to your pitches. If you are looking for Facebook likes and new followers for Instagram and Twitter, these people are your gems.
They are comfortable with small talk, and will even ask you if you are feeling all right.
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The genuinely interested ones

These are the ones who will give you their time of day and help you to achieve your quota too.

Interestingly, they are not just placating you to make your life easier—they are genuinely interested in knowing more about the product that you are promoting.


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These are the godsend people who make you feel valued. Interacting with them makes me feel like all the time I spent on studying about the product is worth it, especially when they thank me and show their support.

Personally, this my favourite and most appreciated group at every roadshow, especially the Youth.SG ones!

If you are reading this and have bumped into our roadshows in your schools, please know that we love you nonetheless. Even if you have dismissed us once with a “Sorry!”. #sobs

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