The Singapore Coffee Festival is more than your average cup of joe

A few things you should see and try at the inaugural event.

Grace Neo

Published: 10 June 2016, 12:00 AM

Just when the local café scene showed signs of saturation, the first ever Singapore Coffee Festival (SCF) proved that the scene is still brewing.

Despite its comprehensive programme layout, the event remains by and large a Food and Beverage (F&B) event. Being a coffee lover, I was stoked to see over 100 exhibitors at this large-scale event.

While prices may be a tad steep for young consumers, with each item priced at standard café prices, it is one F&B event that is worth checking out this weekend.

Here is a list of things you should look out for at the buzzing festival!


Are you ready to get started?


New items created by local cafes

1. Chye Seng Huat Hardware (2B31)

The hipster joint is known for its popular black cold brew, which has a punchy taste. Their latest addition, the white cold brew, has won me over with its deep and flavourful aftertaste.

Casual coffee drinkers might feel that the black cold brew is too acidic for them.  However, the white cold brew, which left a lasting fragrance after just one sip, sure has a different kick to it!


Look out for Chye Seng Huat’s new white cold brew at SCF!


2. Oriole Coffee + Bar (3B22)

Oriole Café’s latest addition, the M.A.D coco, is a refreshing twist to its signature M.A.D. milk.

Made with cold-pressed macadamia, almond and dates, an additional ingredient of coconut water made this drink irresistible, especially on a hot day.


Milk and coffee done right


3. Two Bakers (3B24)

Highly commendable for both its savoury dishes and sweets, Two Bakers introduced its new coffee tart and coffee éclair through SCF 2016.  Also presented at its booth was a series of dummy desserts that looked pretty legit.


These dummy figures were produced in-house too!


Foreign coffee (and tea!) specialists

1. Good Coffee Tokyo

The Japan-based café’s eccentric style will make you stop in your tracks. From its live drip brew to great line-up of merchandises, it is no wonder Good Coffee Tokyo has garnered much media attention.

Look out for their special platter of trio coffee, which is created with coffee beans roasted in Japan. Arriving at the Singapore grounds specially for SCF, these Japanese baristas are ready to impress.

As I took sips from tiny cups in an environmentally-friendly tray, I was surprised at the flavourful yet light taste of these Japanese-styled espressos. As the aftertaste ends on a light note, unlike most coffee drinks, I highly recommend new coffee drinkers to give this a try.


Each espresso is paired with a short description of the coffee.


Meet the baristas behind Good Coffee Tokyo!


2. Finesse Coffee (2B7)

Get a crash course about coffee at Finesse Coffee, an Indonesian-based export and roasting house that specialises in Arabica beans, unlike the commercialised Robusta beans commonly used in Singapore.

While its cappuccino suited my taste buds, it might be a tad acidic for young casual coffee drinkers.


A display of the coffee beans imported by the Finesse Coffee.


3. A.muse Project (2B37)

There is something in store for tea lovers too! Fervent tea drinkers might have seen A.muse Projects’ teas in local cafes such as Strangers Reunion and Percolate, or even online store Naiise.

Several sips of its Prana Chai were all it took for me to decide that it was indeed my cup of tea (pun unintended).


The hand blended prana chai was fragrant.


Some alcohol-inspired teas with zero alcohol content.


Experimental food for adventurous seekers

1. Dapper Coffee (2B33)

Dapper Coffee is famous for its eccentric drinks, such as Gold Brew and Earl Grey yuan yang with lavender.

However, what really caught my eyes was their new packaging for Unicorn Tears, a sweet flavoured drink that literally sparkles upon shaking under bright lighting. I kid you not!


Unicorn tears. Yay or nay?


2. Cream & Custard (3B18)

Cream & Custard takes pride in its signature dessert, the home-baked watermelon strawberry cake. While the subtle rose taste was a pleasant surprise, the juicy watermelon slices made eating a little difficult, due to its slippery texture. Nonetheless, this two-year plus café’s petite desserts are Instagram worthy!


The watermelon strawberry cake that has been much raved about.


The Singapore Coffee Festival runs today till June 12.

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