The original highs of Adam Lambert

After releasing his third album The Original High and going on a world tour with Queen, Adam Lambert reflects on a great 2015.

Raphael Francisco

Published: 30 December 2015, 12:00 AM

As we gear up for the New Year, Youth.SG caught up with the biggest headliner for the Celebrate 2016 countdown party, American singer and songwriter Adam Lambert.

Despite the online petition released in Nov 25 against his appearance in the countdown party, Adam reacted coolly with a tweet: “Fighting homophobia one song at a time”.


When Adam heard about the petition against him…
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In fact, he remained unfazed during his press conference earlier this afternoon. He was also calm when asked about his thoughts on the issue.

Adam said: “I’m flattered that people actually care so much (about the performances)”. In case you’re wondering, Adam works very carefully with TV producers for all the programmes, and no changes were made to his preparations for the show despite the petition.

The 33-year-old also shared that he was looking forward to wrap up the year with his stellar voice and performance at tomorrow’s countdown, held at The Float at Marina Bay.

When we asked him for a brief reflection of 2015, he said that it has been an incredible year for him. Adam has been touring with legendary rock band Queen since June 2014. The duo has also performed in almost 60 cities across North America, South America, Asia, Oceania and Europe.

The runner up of the eighth season of American Idol said: “I couldn’t believe that it (touring with Queen) actually happened! For it to be well received that way, it was extremely validating. I grew up hearing their music and I got the best of both worlds from this”.


Adam Lambert with Queen’s lead guitarist Brian May.
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As if touring with Queen was not incredible enough, The Original High, released in June this year, received rave reviews and even bagged a few awards, such as the US Billboard Top 2, the UK Top 10 and the Worldwide Top 3.

When asked how his music has improved since he first started six years ago, Adam shared that this album is different from his first two albums, as it represents a change in his life.

“The album reflects where I am (in) my life right now, and I consider myself to be more grounded as an artist than when I first started six years ago. Naturally, I’ve evolved and I’ve changed (the way) I see the world,” he explained.

Adam, who was dressed fashionably in a cool grey jacket added: “It’s very personal but very universal too. The Original High reflects the human spirit; everyone desires love, acceptance and success one way or another. With this, I want people to understand that.”


Adam Lambert looking as glamorous as always.


While the Grammy nominee has proved himself to be a successful artist over the years, one of the struggles that he constantly faces is dealing with conservative audiences who do not agree with his over the top performances and liberal lifestyle.

“At this point, we are all moving forward into acceptance. I’m lucky that as an international artist I’m able to reach out to different cultures, places, genders, religions globally,” he said.

He added: “My goal as an artist is to unite people with a common denominator. Any sort of fear of difference is something that is bound to happen, but I try to stay focused on what unites us, rather than what divides us. So, I just sing my songs!”


“My goal is to unite people with a common denominator” – Adam Lambert


With just two days to go to 2016, what kind of resolutions has Adam made for himself?

“Firstly, I need to remember my resolutions (laughs). My life is so rapid and I need to take things one step at a time. I’m travelling so much, I get to perform all over the world, and so I just stick to my plan for the day. If anything, my resolution is to keep moving forward, and to keep learning and creating music,” said Adam.

Adam Lambert will be performing with our local artists at Celebrate 2016 tomorrow. Get your tickets here.

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