The eight types of Vday couples in Singapore

Valentine's day and the love birds come out to play.

Aisyah Lyana
Aisyah Lyana

Published: 11 February 2016, 12:00 AM

Valentine’s Day (Vday) is coming, and everyone seems to be flocking to the florists and the gift stores. With all the Vday hype and excitement of what to get for your loved one, let us take a look at the eight types of couples you will see on Valentine’s day!

1. The bochap

They will usually stay at home, lepak around and do completely nothing because Valentine’s Day is like any ordinary day to them. They believe that love should be shown through little acts of affection every day rather than on one exceptional day.

Or maybe they just really cannot be bothered.

2. The romantic sayangs


On your knees you go.


Like in Korean dramas where the guy brings his girl on board a helicopter and shows her an island full of flowers in the shape of a heart, this couple would do anything cheesy for their loved one.

Bouquet of roses, chocolate bars, sweet letters, gift vouchers – you name it, they got it. They surprise each other with sweet, exaggerated gestures that cause us to just cringe at this couple. #SweetUntilDiabetes

3. The PDA

Do not be alarmed to see a whole new level of public display of affection (PDA) on Vday when this couple shows up. We all have the same advice for these couples: get a room!

This couple just loves to show their affection openly. We can only hope this couple would reserve the excessive groping to a more private setting.

4. The atas


Of course, wearing ATAS clothes is a must too.


It is nice to overindulge on special occasions, thus dining and fine wine on Valentine’s is a must for this couple. Willing to splurge hundreds on a meal at a high-end restaurant to celebrate this day to prove their love, they may even spend on a staycation or an overseas getaway too.

5. The old and married

We go “awwww” when we see them. They are our #relationshipgoals. This endearing couple has learnt to love unconditionally and accept their flawed partners wholeheartedly after decades of marriage. They both may be crawling into old age, but they still make considerable effort for each other.

6. The fun-loving


Ditched my boyfriend for an alligator.


This adventurous couple will visit the wild Singapore Zoo or the thrilling Universal Studios. Some may opt for an escape room game, high elements adventure, or maybe kayaking together around Pulau Ubin.

Basically, they treasure quality time spent together on Valentine’s more than flowers or chocolates.

7. The breaking-up couple (read: singles-to-be)

Of all the 365 days on the calendar, we wonder why they ironically chose this supposedly loving day to break up. Things do not seem to work out for the two as squabbles and bickering take up much of their twilight days together. Instead of recounting the happy moments they once shared, they take this opportunity instead to close the chapter of their love story.

8. The friendzone


Trust me, it never happens.


This could range from a couple who labels their relationship as “unofficial” or a nice guy who gets rejected by their love interest. Confessing to a crush can be really nerve-wrecking at times and heartbreaking if one fails to escape the Friendzone.

No matter which category you fall in, Valentine’s Day is ultimately a day to celebrate love and friendship. Personally, my type of couple on Vday would be #6, if not for the fact that my boyfriend is in the army for his field camp on Valentine’s. *sobs*
What type of Valentine’s Day couple are you?

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