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The best (and worst) temporary coloured hair waxes that get you in trend

We tested out Mofajang, Ashmud and Chameleon Color's and gave our honest reviews.

Jocelynna Seah

Published: 2 July 2018, 12:55 PM

Crazy hair colours are still the trend in 2018 and we’re jumping on the bandwagon of coloured hair waxes!

It can be expensive to get your hair done in a salon and choosing a colour to stick to for the next few months is a huge commitment. But coloured hair waxes are a cheaper, temporary alternative to give your hair a cool makeover.

These products are blowing up on social media, and claim to add texture, shine and colour to the hair, while providing a strong hold with no damage or stickiness. They each cost less than $10, and wash off easily so you can try a new colour every day.

They sounded too good to be true, so we tested the waxes on our Youth.SG content team to see if they really lived up to the hype.

Note: This is not a sponsored post, so expect the cold, hard truth from our reviewers.

Gray Chua is testing red on short, bleached hair. Photo Credit: Yeo


Amanda Wong is testing purple on long, black hair. Photo Credit: Yeo


Dexter Lin is testing grey on short, black hair. Photo Credit: Yeo




Mofajang’s hair wax. Photo Credit: Chua


The texture of Mofajang was more like a hair gel than a hair wax. It was difficult to apply as it clumped up the hair, and Amanda found it especially tough to comb through her thick hair.

She said: “The wax just sits and does not blend well.”

The hair wax flaked throughout the day and stained their clothes. Thankfully, nobody faced any problems washing it out.

For colour, Grey’s red wax turned out hot pink, Amanda’s purple was more vibrant (but only after applying a thick layer of product), and Dexter’s Grey turned out the best of the three colours.
Gray’s hot pink hair from Mofajang’s red hair wax. Photo Credit: Yeo
Pros: Good colour, minimal staining
Cons: Sticky gel, flaky


Ashmud hair wax. Photo Credit: Chua


The texture of Ashmud was highlighted by the testers as the best of the three waxes, and was easier to apply and blend.

“It’s not too wet or dry – just like a wax should be,” Gray said.

There was minimal staining and flaking. As for colour, Gray’s hair turned out pink instead of red (again), Amanda’s purple was barely visible, and Dexter’s grey wax was white, turning his black hair grey. However, the white wax may have different results depending on the base colour of the hair.

Dexter trying out Ashmud’s grey hair wax. Photo Credit: Chua
Pros: An actual hair wax, good texture, no staining or flaking.
Cons: Colour neither accurate nor vibrant.

Chameleon Colour’s

Chameleon Color’s hair wax. Photo Credit: Chua

Chameleon Color’s had varying textures for different colours. While red had a similar texture to Mofajang, both purple and grey were a stiff clay.

“It was not spreading well so I had white streaks,” said Dexter, who was uncomfortable with the feel of the hair wax and washed it out within an hour, “I looked like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations.”

The general consensus was that this was the most difficult hair wax to apply, as the dry wax kept flaking off, causing discomfort and staining clothes.

The red appeared the reddest of all three waxes but, like the other brands, it could only turn Gray’s hair pink. Amanda’s purple was not as visible as the other brands and Dexter’s grey only appeared in white streaks.
“I looked a little like if Barney was having a dandruff problem and could not wash his hair for days,” said Amanda. Photo Credit: Seah
Pros: None.
Cons: Might actually be clay, hard to apply, flaking caused itchiness.
Final thoughts

Here are the final results of each hair wax side by side.

Despite being labelled as “red”, all three waxes turned hot pink on Gray’s bleached hair, but Gray liked Ash Mud’s shade of hot pink best.


Amanda’s purple hair was the brightest for Mofajang, but overall was subtle and could not be seen unless it was under bright and natural lighting.


Dexter’s grey waxes turned his hair into a charcoal colour, but Chameleon’s made his hair look like it had dandruff.


The three testers unanimously named Ashmud as the best of the three hair waxes. Although the colour is not as vibrant as Mofajang’s, the texture and ease of application made it a much more wearable hair wax. They also agreed that they would not voluntarily use Chameleon Color’s.

Check out our video on trying out coloured hair wax:

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