The 5 alternatives to the viral word game Wordle

Other sites inspired by Wordle, for when one word a day is not enough.

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Published: 10 February 2022, 2:53 PM

If you have played the word game Wordle, you would have known the stress that comes with guessing the right word.

But despite all the thinking and frustration, players just keep coming back for more. 

First released in October 2021, Wordle has already been the viral hit of 2022. Every 24 hours, a mystery five-letter word will be released for players to guess within six tries, with clues in the form of coloured boxes to help them get closer to the answer.

While one word a day seems reasonable so as to not get addicted, there have been other sites inspired by Wordle that you can try if you are up for a challenge.

1. Word-leh

Word-leh works just like Wordle, but with a Singaporean touch.

Instead of words from the dictionary, players have to guess Singlish words like “makan”, “bojio” and “shiok”.

The game was so popular that the creator Sha-Mayn Teh, a Singaporean based in New York, relaunched it on a new domain on Wednesday (Feb 9).

2. Geodle

Also created for those in Singapore, Geodle will test the players’ knowledge of MRT and LRT stations. 

However, instead of guessing letters, players will be given clues based on how far their guess is from the correct station.


It is pretty obvious from my six guesses that I only know MRT stations on the red line. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM GEODLE


For example, today’s MRT station is 24.34 km away and to the West of Yishun MRT Station. My issue navigating East and West explains my failed attempt.

3. Globle

If you are good with countries, this one’s for you.


Of course I cheated and looked up the globe and countries online. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM GLOBLE


With Globle, players will have to guess the correct country and clues will also be given based on the distance from the correct answer. 

Each incorrect guess will appear on the globe to show players how far they are. The closer the incorrect country is to the mystery country, the darker the guesses will be shaded. 

4. Nerdle

Nerdle is perfect for those who think numbers and equations are more interesting than words and letters. 

With Nerdle, players have to guess the exact Mathematics equation.


While I feel that Nerdle is more challenging than the others, I could not stop guessing. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM NERDLE


If the numbers or symbols are black, they do not exist in the correct equation. Red means that they are in the equation but in the wrong spot and green means they are in the right spot. 

Also, the standard order of operations (also known as BODMAS) applies, so players might have to recall what they learnt in school and do some calculations.

5. Squirdle

Pokémon lovers, Squirdle will quiz you on how well you know all the 898 Pokémons .

Instead of six tries, players will be given eight. The game will provide five kinds of clues – generation, type one, type two, height and weight. 


While this game is not so fun for someone like me who knows little about Pokémon, it could be a fun challenge for friends who are into them. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM SQUIRDLE


If players get either of the types correct, they will get a green box but if they are wrong, they will get a red box instead. 

Players will also be given clues to let them know if the generation, height and weight of the correct Pokémon needs to be higher or lower. 

While Wordle and its alternatives may seem like a simple guessing game, it actually takes more knowledge and critical thinking.

As much as it is fun and challenging, remember to play in moderation. Have fun!

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