The 3 new attractions at Downtown East you can enjoy this holiday season

A whole lot of fun for this festive season!

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Published: 12 November 2021, 12:57 PM

Following the launch of their container hotels, Downtown East will be adding three new attractions to lift the festive spirits this holiday season. 

You can expect to see a Candy Pops gumball art installation, Singapore’s first Jurassic Dinosaur – Adventure Park Interactive indoor playground, and Xcape Park outdoor playground. 

Here’s what you will see at the 60,000 sq ft of new attractions!

1. Candy Pops gumball machine installation

Do you remember begging your parents for a dollar to get a toy or a candy from those capsule dispenser machines? If you loved those as a kid, you will surely love this one.

The Candy Pops gumball machine is a 4m tall art installation. It features a see-through container where you can see colourful and huge gumballs.


The gumball machine aims to bring a sense of nostalgia as these candy machines were so popular years ago. PHOTO CREDITS: DOWNTOWN EAST


There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than going down memory lane with the things you once loved. This art installation is also perfect for the Gram!

2. The Jurassic Dinosaur – Adventure Park Interactive Exhibition

The Jurassic Dinosaur – Adventure Park Interactive Exhibition will let you immerse yourself in a jungle setting, complete with sights and sounds. It will also feature different species of dinosaurs. 

The playground catering to children includes games like Dinosaur Fossil Cave, a dinosaur riding area, shooting games and more.


The dinos are interactive and great for pictures! PHOTO CREDIT: DOWNTOWN EAST


The Jurassic Dinosaur exhibition will be available from Dec 21 to Feb 13, 2022. It will operate from 12pm to 9.30pm on weekdays and tickets will cost $25. 

For weekends, eve of public holidays and public holidays, the exhibition starts at 10am to 9.30pm and tickets cost $28. You can purchase tickets here.

3. Xcape Park outdoor playground

The Xcape Park outdoor playground features rides and games for adrenaline lovers. From thrilling rides that make your guts feel inside out, to fun carnival games, there is something for everyone. 

The carnival’s background is also perfect for pictures as they are filled with beautiful neon lights with a joyous atmosphere.


Rides like the Viking Ship, the Meteorite and the Swing Chair would surely bring you loads of fun! PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM ULTIMATE


There’s even a Dino Inflatable Park with a 10m high slide for kids. PHOTO CREDITS: DOWNTOWN EAST


The carnival will be available from now till Mar 22, 2022. Rides and games range from $5 to $10 while the inflatables are $8 to $12. You can get your tickets for some of the rides here. 

Downtown East’s attractions are family-friendly, filled with good fun for the festive season. Hopefully, these new attractions will make up for all the fun times we missed during the pandemic.

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