This Instagram account reviews teh tarik in Singapore – in hopes of finding the best

Committed to finding Singapore’s best teh tarik.

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Published: 23 July 2021, 12:41 PM

All of us Singaporeans enjoy good food, some of us love it more than others. 

With Instagram accounts like @kuey.png showing their love for hainanese chicken rice and @sighzeriya that reviews food items from the restaurant Saizeriya, it’s not surprising that a teh tarik fan account would appear.

The Instagram account, @tehtarikconnoiseur, is dedicated to the local beverage, reviewing cups of teh tarik from all over Singapore on a quest of “finding the best teh tarik in Singapore”, as mentioned in their bio.

The account started in January 2021, and with only 17 posts has garnered over a thousand followers.

All of @Tehtarikconnoiseur’s posts contain a first picture of the teh tarik itself, followed by a picture of the stall they got it from. The posts include a detailed review on the drink, going into specifics like the colour of the drink, its sweetness, frothiness, and how creamy it is.

Some followers of @tehtarikconnoiseur leave comments agreeing to their reviews and giving recommendations on where to go next.


teh tarik connoisseur tehtarikconnoisseur instagram fan account reviews
The account rates teh tarik on a scale of one to five (coffee cups). PHOTO CREDIT: INSTAGRAM/TEHTARIKCONNOISEUR


Teh tarik is a combination of black tea and condensed milk served hot, and can be commonly found in hawker centres and Indian-Muslim restaurants. 

The name of the drink comes from the process of “pulling” the tea back and forth from one mug into another during preparation. The more “pulls” you do, the richer the flavour of the teh tarik.

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