Taste Test: The McPepper is a fantastic pick-me-up

While it tastes exactly like the Prosperity Burger, there are some areas where the McPepper exceeds the seasonal offering.

Matthaeus Choo
Matthaeus Choo

Published: 6 September 2021, 12:01 PM

Maybe it’s just my old age but I do have very vague memories of McDonald’s having a McPepper burger during either the late 1990s or in the early 2000s. Or perhaps it’s another example of the Mandela Effect, like remembering Febreze being spelt with two “e’s” or public transport being more affordable. 

The (latest?) McPepper has been compared to the Prosperity Burger — and frankly that, to me, has been its biggest selling point. I’m a huge fan of the Prosperity Burger so it does feel fitting to have my first post-vaccinated status meal at McDonald’s trying out the McPepper.

And I’m happy to report that, yes, the McPepper tastes exactly like the Prosperity Burger, and in some ways, exceeds the seasonal offering.

As its name would suggest, the McPepper is a flavour burst that will definitely tingle taste buds. Standard-sized McDonald’s buns sandwich two beef patties and diced onions. The tangy sauce remains as generous as ever, so do keep the tissues at hand. 


The McPepper is pretty much the smaller cousin of the Prosperity Burger. PHOTO CREDIT: MATTHAEUS CHOO


My immediate reaction after a few bites is that the McPepper would probably be a fantastic supper choice, especially after a night out with drinks. Or maybe even the morning after, as a pick-me-up paired with Iced Milo to wash down the previous night’s regrets. Strong yet never overpowering, the burger’s pepper taste is the perfect kick. The McPepper’s smaller size compared to the Prosperity Burger probably won’t be filling on its own but it does make for a good snack.

Those looking to fill their stomachs will be in for a treat with the meal options. Priced at $5, the limited-time McPepper extra value meal, packing the burger, medium-sized fries and a small-sized Coke, is a great alternative to the popular but slightly more expensive choices. Top up a few dollars more and you can go for the McPepper Feast, which comes with a drink, crisscut fries and an apple pie.

While this article is focused on the McPepper, I do want to note how terrific the crisscut fries are. It is, in my opinion, far superior to the Twister fries. The difference between their taste is minimal but where the crisscut fries stand out is how much easier they can be eaten. 


Always nice to find stray fries in the packet. PHOTO CREDIT: MATTHAEUS CHOO


It’s a truly genius idea, essentially coupling a bunch of fries together to make them more satisfying and less time-consuming to chow down. They are deceivingly filling too, so much so that the apple pie which comes with the McPepper Feast possibly being a little too much.

That’s a value meal if I have ever had one. 

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