Taste Test: Texas Chicken’s sambal chicken doesn’t disappoint

If you love sambal but can’t take spices well, then the Get Sambalz meal is just for you.

Xynthea Ong

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Published: 6 May 2021, 12:19 PM

Everyone knows that nothing can go wrong with sambal and a crispy chicken, but how about mixing both of them together? It would definitely be the best of both worlds. 

Texas Chicken has brought this idea to reality with Get Sambalz – a set of fried crispy chicken coated with their special in-house sambal recipe. The item was first launched in 2016 and recently made its return to the menus on April 15.

Get Sambalz is available for purchase from $8.40 for a one piece sambal chicken and rice set or the two piece sambal chicken combo from $9.80. 

If you wish to share it with a bigger group, Get Sambalz is also available as a five-piece Sambal Chicken Bundle for $27.90. 

As a fellow sambal lover, I was excited to try this out. Personally, I think that sambal should be slightly spicier to get that kick. Having eaten chicken paired with sambal before, I liked this combination a lot and looked forward to this menu when it was first released. 

Testing it out

When I first opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the meal’s fragrant aroma which reminded me of Nasi Lemak. With such a promising smell similar to the sambal chilli sold at  Muslim food stalls, I was hopeful that it will taste just like the real deal.


I had gotten the five-piece combo meal which consists of five pieces of chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, popcorn chicken and two drinks at $27.90 to share with my family. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/ONG XYNTHEA


The portion was huge and the red color of the chicken looked very appealing but also pretty spicy at first glance. I could tell that they really made sure the sambal had coated the chicken entirely.

When I first took a bite out of the chicken, I could taste the strong flavours of the sambal chili, which complemented nicely with the chicken. The chicken itself was bland which helped boost the flavours of the sambal chilli.

At first, I was afraid that the sambal would be too spicy for my liking based on its initial appearance. However, it was not as spicy as I had thought it would be and felt like a mild kick to the back of the throat. 

Although it was definitely not as spicy as the ones sold in hawker centres, the sambal was on the sweeter side and I enjoyed its taste.

The lowered spice level was also a blessing in disguise for others – like my younger sister – who has a lower spice tolerance. 

Although she struggles even with dishes like curry, the sambal chicken was just the right spice level for her and she could handle its spiciness well. She commented that the chicken was tasty and particularly enjoyed eating the chicken and rice together.


The rest of my family members had enjoyed the taste of the sambal and chicken together. PHOTO CREDITS: YOUTHOPIA/ONG XYNTHEA


The chicken-flavoured rice was one of the standout points of the set meal which really surprised me too. It had a hint of ginger and light soy sauce which really brought out the essence of chicken rice. 

It was also surprisingly tastier than I expected and went really well when paired with the sambal chicken.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Get Sambalz menu was not bad and it definitely lived up to the hype. Although I wish that the chicken was spicier, I would definitely return for a second round with my friends.

While the sambal was not as spicy as I expected it to be, I would definitely recommend it to fellow sambal lovers as it is very similar to the real deal. If you prefer your sambal to be sweeter, you would definitely enjoy this too.

In terms of the portion size, the five-piece bundle set is ideal if you plan to share it with others. For a family of four, the portion was just right for us and it was very filling. However, the two-piece set would be perfect if you would like to enjoy the meal by yourself.

If you are interested, you can order the Get Sambalz menu at any Texas Chicken outlets or through their website here from Apr 15 to May 26.

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