Taste test: McDonald’s Sea Salt McFlurry

Is McDonald’s Sea Salt McFlurry worth the hype?

Nur Sabrina

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Published: 3 December 2021, 12:59 PM

On Dec 2, McDonald’s finally launched their Sea Salt McFlurry in Singapore. 

I remember the dessert being sold in Malaysia last year in October and was really bummed that they didn’t have it here in Singapore when borders were closed. 

So when I saw the ice cream on the menu for $3, I knew I had to get it and do a review.

First impressions

When the McDonald’s counter staff first passed it to me, my first thought was: “It looks so much better in real life than in posters.”

I was really impressed. The deep blue sea salt swirls around the white vanilla ice cream reminded me of the galaxy. The crunchy sprinkles also resemble stars from space. 


The contrast of colours were more obvious and vibrant in person (left) compared to its poster image on McDonald’s website (right). PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/NUR SABRINA, MCDONALD’S SINGAPORE


All the colours go well together and it made me feel a little sad to eat it. It was that pretty.

The first bite

We all know that just because something looks good doesn’t mean it tastes good.

I was a little skeptical as I was never a fan of salty things, not even the Himalaya salt candy that was popular at one point. 

But in this case, the saltiness from the blue swirls and sprinkles are very subtle and somewhat savoury. The sweet vanilla ice cream goes surprisingly well with the little salty bits. 

The saltiness didn’t linger in my mouth for long and that kept me taking another spoon after spoon.

Halfway through the Sea Salt McFlurry

Halfway through the cup, the ice cream left a funny aftertaste in my mouth. The saltiness started to set in and it made me thirsty for water and additional spoons of ice cream weren’t helping. 

Maybe it was just me, but the ice cream did grow unappetising after a while. I realised I couldn’t finish it, even though I have always been a fan of ice creams. 

To add on to that, the salty swirls and sprinkles were mainly at the top, so after a few bites, the vanilla flavour overpowered the saltiness. 

Those with food allergies should also note that the ice cream contains food allergens like milk, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts and it also has gluten. 

My verdict

Overall, I would rate it a seven out of 10. The price was reasonable, the aesthetics were impressive and it was nice at first, but I personally would not get it again and it’s not something I would miss when it’s gone. 

But since it’s a promotional item, I think it’s worth a try. Just remember to stir it first so the saltiness spreads out. Then you can enjoy the whole Sea Salt McFlurry experience. 

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