Taste Test: McDonald’s Mala McShaker fries has a scarily accurate taste

Not only does the new McDonald’s Mala McShaker fries taste just like mala, it also isn’t too spicy to handle.

Shannon Kuan

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Published: 4 January 2021, 2:49 PM

McDonald’s fries are an iconic testament to the brand. And when shaker fries are available, it’s guaranteed that almost everyone will pay a few extra cents to upgrade their meals to get it.

So when I heard that McDonald’s had released their new Mala McShaker Fries, I knew as a fan of spice, especially of the unique flavour of Sichuan peppercorn, I had to try it immediately.

The moment I ripped open the seasoning packet, I was immediately hit with the strong smell of mala. 

Even the group of diners sitting at the table beside me exclaimed that they could smell the mala coming from my side when they haven’t opened their own packet yet!


Here’s a tip I learnt the hard way: Do not breathe in deep when you’re opening and pouring in the mala seasoning packet, because you will sneeze and cough. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTUBE/HUNGRY WALKER


While I appreciated that they got the smell of mala right, the taste test was the most important factor — to which, McDonald’s did not disappoint.

The powdered fries tasted like a solidified version of the typical mala soup. I could actually taste hints of Sichuan peppercorn!

While the smell of the powder was a little overwhelming, the taste of it itself when mixed with the fries was more palatable.


Warm crispy fries enveloped in spicy powder put my taste buds on a ride and was a combination I never knew I needed. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDONALD’S SINGAPORE


More ma than la, the mala fries left a slight stinging sensation on the tongue and lips but it wasn’t unbearable. 

It was addictive enough to keep reaching for more, yet wasn’t too spicy to handle. The numbing feeling was surprisingly pleasant and followed me for a few minutes after I was done with my meal.

I could lick the remaining mala powder stuck on my fingers with ease. I even would have been fine downing the entire packet of mala fries without a drink.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mala McShaker fries and would get it again. That said, the seaweed shaker fries still reigns supreme for me. 

If you are one of those who love all things mala, you will definitely need to try the new Mala McShaker fries. 

But even if you aren’t a fan of spice, you will still be able to enjoy this!

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