Taste Test: KFC’s Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito

The burrito wrap will return on Feb 15, but for a limited time only.

Fitri Mahad

Probably the only person that likes to hear the koels go ‘uwu’.

Published: 10 February 2023, 6:43 PM

Cheesy pickup lines will soon have a competitor come Feb 15.

KFC is not shy when it comes to adding cheese to its meals, and this Valentine’s season sees no exception. For a limited time only, the KFC Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito will make its return to the menu.

The burrito wrap contains the signature Zinger fillet, turkey bacon, mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and of course the mac and cheese.

Upon receiving the meal, the piercing smell of mac and cheese combined with its warmth piqued my interest. With KFC’s history of cheese-related meals, it stands to reason that the next cheese meal would be better than the last.

Despite the long list of ingredients the wrap boasted, my expectations were slightly betrayed when I first set eyes on its lacklustre appearance.

The difference in size is obvious when comparing it to KFC’s breakfast wraps, as well as its BBQ Pockett.


The Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito is priced at $7.15 ala carte. PHOTO CREDIT: YOUTHOPIA/FITRI MAHAD


However, what was surprising is that while my first few bites were met with the mac and cheese, it did not overwhelm its heartier neighbours – the Zinger chicken and turkey bacon – which I could distinctly taste throughout the meal.

In terms of portions, there was a healthy ratio of chicken, turkey bacon and cheese within the wrap. Much like its flavours, no single player dominated when it came to quantity.

However, I wish I had more of the Zingerito to enjoy. Extending the wrap for a couple of centimetres more, along with its hearty portions, can potentially see the Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito be a game changer and even beating its wrapped cousins.

For those looking to fill their stomachs, ordering the wrap as a meal set would be the choice to make. Otherwise, the Mac ‘N Cheese Zingerito by itself is likely only sufficient as a quick bite in between meals.

If you are a messy eater like me, fret not! The wrap does a good job keeping its contents from spilling. Rest assured that you can enjoy your meal without having to do clean up duty after.

The Mac ‘N Meal Zingerito Meal is available for both dine-in and takeaway. Its meals start at $7.15, the Box priced at $11.25, and the Buddy Meal is priced at $21.75.

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