Taste Test: Burger King’s new chilli crab line is mildly disappointing

It’s a unique taste for sure though.

Jeremy Na

Just like that Khalid song, Young, dumb and broke. Ok maybe not dumb but definitely the other two.

Published: 1 February 2021, 6:35 PM

With Chinese New Year coming up, it’s almost standard procedure for fast food chains to release new flavours for the festive season. For example, McDonald’s is known for its Prosperity Burger

This year, Burger King released its newest flavour line, the chilli crab series. 

These new additions to the menu include the Ultimate Chilli Crab Double Salmon Burger from $9.50, the Chilli Crab Long Chicken Burger from $5.90 and Chilli Crab Fries from $3.20.

Featuring a decadent chilli crab sauce drizzled on lightly fried salmon and chicken patties, this one is sure to light up your taste buds. Or maybe not?

If spicy tingles are what you’re looking for in a burger like this, you might find yourself slightly disappointed.

While it does possess a distinct chilli crab taste, the sauce itself is a little too watery and lacks any considerable spice. It also carries a relatively strong tomato aftertaste which I assume is meant to allow even those with low spice tolerances to enjoy it.

However, this results in an overly sweet burger which puts me off a little.

Props have to be given to the texture of its patties though. The salmon patty was thick and juicy, with its batter fried to perfection, awarding a satisfying crunch on every bite. 

As for its chicken variant, it doesn’t stand out quite as much as it tastes exactly like what you’d expect it to taste like – chilli crab sauce on chicken.

However, the sauce with the fries did make for an interesting combo and reminds me of dipping mantou into actual chilli crab sauce. If you’re sick of eating plain fries with just ketchup, this is the way to go.

Overall, Burger King’s new line isn’t bad by all means, but it is far from impressive. 

With the exception of its fries, I would recommend just getting their normal variants and saving yourself a little money.

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