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Taste Test: Burger King’s Chocolate Whopper is surprisingly tastier than it sounds

It is certainly an interesting experience, to say the least.

Xynthea Ong

Expert pinterest scroller and bubble tea lover.

Published: 13 April 2021, 5:52 PM

On April 1st, Burger King released the Chocolate Whopper. 

As the name suggests, the Chocolate Whopper is made up of a flame-grilled beef patty, onion and tomatoes topped with chocolate sauce. 

It was a prank on a prank – the fast-food restaurant tried fooling people into thinking that the burger was an April’s Fool joke, but it turned out to be far from one. 

Putting chocolate and beef together was certainly intriguing, but the thought of it made me feel disgusted at the same time. Chocolate sauce is something that I would normally pair with foods such as desserts and definitely not savory foods like a burger. I could not comprehend how they intend to make this combination work as the two ingredients simply just do not go well together.

Trying it out

When I first got it, the burger looked normal with the wrapping. However, I could not say the same for what’s inside.


The Chocolate Whopper is available a la carte at $6.40 and $7.90 as a meal. PHOTO CREDITS: Ong Xynthea


Once I unwrapped the burger, I could tell that Burger King was generous with their chocolate sauce. There was so much sauce it leaked everywhere, making it a hassle to eat. The only thing I could smell was chocolate too, instead of the usual aroma one would associate with a burger, even if it’s from a fast-food chain. 

At that moment, I started having second thoughts about consuming it and considered throwing it out. But as the saying goes, you can’t judge a book by its cover, perhaps you can’t judge a burger by its smell too. 


The excessive amount of chocolate sauce made the burger look unappealing. PHOTO CREDITS: Ong Xynthea


As I sank my teeth into the burger, the first thing that hit me was the overwhelming taste of chocolate. It clearly overpowered the other ingredients including the beef patty, onions, and tomatoes in the burger. 

It took me several bites before I slowly got used to the taste which, strangely and surprisingly, wasn’t all that bad. Perhaps it was because I wasn’t expecting too much, but the combination of chocolate sauce and the beef patty somehow complemented together. 

Still, I would stop short of describing it as deliciously yummy. Without an inch of a doubt, the original Whopper burger is much better than this burger. 

I also found myself unable to finish eating half of the burger as I got sick of it quickly. There’s only so much chocolate one can consume and, coupled with the greasy taste fast food restaurant burgers tend to have, it felt jelak. 


I almost forgot there were still onions and tomatoes until I checked the ingredients. PHOTO CREDITS: Ong Xynthea


Mixed reactions

My mother and sister had a try of the same burger that I could not finish, so as not to waste food. 

My mother, who isn’t the biggest fan of sweet treats, scrunched up her face almost immediately after munching on the burger. Suffice to say, she wasn’t the biggest fan and she commented how the chocolate sauce made the burger far too sweet for her to enjoy.  

On the other hand, my sister enjoyed the burger – she looked as though she could finish an entire burger on her own. She said that the burger had the right amount of sweet sauce, which satisfied her sweet tooth. 

I definitely wouldn’t be getting the burger again, especially if the usual Whooper is available. Still, it is a fun experience that one should try once in a while. 

For those interested, the chocolate whopper is available till Apr 15 at Burger King outlets islandwide. 


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