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Tall girl problems

The challenges you encounter when you're half girl, half oak tree.

Anisah Azmi
Anisah Azmi

Published: 5 December 2016, 12:27 PM

Being tall has always been both a blessing and a curse.

When you’re living in an Asian country like Singapore where most people are cute and petite, your lanky self will stick out like a sore thumb, especially when you are a female.

As a tall girl (standing at 175cm), here are some problems every long-legged senorita has surely encountered.

1. To the back you go!

In kindergarten, primary school and secondary school, you’re always told to stand at the back.

Whether you’re simply lining up to head somewhere with your class, or you’re getting seated for an assembly talk, you’ll always have a sea of people in front of you.

It feels slightly discriminatory that you always have the worst view. Hey, it’s not your fault God decided to stretch your limbs out!

2. Where’s the lovin’?

Short guys date short girls, and tall guys date short girls. So what do tall girls get?

Cats, mostly.

We need a Keith Urban to our Nicole Kidman. Photo credit: Wenn

When you’re taller than the average Singaporean male, dating is a challenge. You probably don’t mind whether your partner is taller or shorter, but some dudes get emasculated by your height.

So there you are, a lonesome oak tree swaying in the wind.

3. “Oh wow, you’re really tall!”

For some reason, people use your height as a way into small talk. They tell you you’re tall, like you haven’t noticed before.

Great Observation, Sherlock. Image credit: Orange is the New Black

Although you really want to say: “Oh, yeah, you’re a tiny little thing yourself,” you simply give a weak smile and nod in agreement to their astute observation.

I’m sure they mean well, but come on people, be more interesting than this!

4. The incessant name calling.

You would think people would be more original with their jokes when they’re trying to take jabs at you, but it’s always the same type of comparisons – a giraffe, pole or tree.

Ugh, definitely heard that one before. Image credit: Rupaul’s Drag Race

It may have hurt you a little when you were a kid, but you’ve learnt to roll with the punches.

However, you secretly wish you were actually tall enough to pick them up with your fingers and flick them away to the Bermuda triangle.

5. Clothes are for the fun-sized.

The perfect pair of jeans that makes your booty look fine ends above your ankles. That cute little romper you saw online turns out so short it reveals areas that should be kept mysterious. And that pair of heels that would look fantastic on you? Their biggest size is a tiny Asian 38.

The struggle is real, and sometimes you wish a large potato sack and flip-flops is considered fashionable.
We make do with whatever we can find. Image credit: White Chicks

But while there are many complains of being tall, we all know there are plenty of perks to being a head above everyone else.

You have never had to ask someone else to reach the top shelf, and you always have a clear view of every concert you go to.

Whether you’re long and lanky, or sweet and petite, love the body you’re in and work it girlfriend!
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