Take Two takes flight

The boys share their secrets to music making and their accomplishments.

Joshua Tan Sheng Yao

Published: 3 June 2015, 3:13 PM

We caught up with Take Two after their gig at ITE East College last week. As the opening act for the Scape Invasion Tour, they jammed heartily to their songs like ‘Ariel’ and ‘In your arms’.

The five-member indie pop-rock local band exuded charisma and worked the crowd between their setlist. Kicking into high gear, the members rocked and grooved to the beat, delivering empowering renditions of their songs.


Take Two immersed and jamming to their songs.


With their distinct sound and melodies, the three-year-old band has an impressive list of performances under their belt. They performed at the SGMUSO Live Showcase in Beijing and opened for the Scottish rock band, Travis, last year at their concert in Singapore.

Take Two recently dropped their new EP “Pairs” in April, consisting of five songs. Their popularity was evidently displayed with a sold-out show for their EP release.

“The motivation to make music is to have this relatability with people; to connect with people,” said David, who plays the bass. “That’s one of our main objectives that we hold.”


Album cover of Take Two’s EP, Pairs.
Photo credit: nookmag.com


When questioned about what it meant for the group to have an EP produced, David said, “It’s about having some closure with some of the early songs that we wrote, and also at the same time looking forward to some of the newer stuff. It’s a combination of old and new stuff – a journal, a prologue of our story.”

Lead singer Paddy added, “It’s a bit surreal at first. But it just makes you want to make more music. There’s so much more you can do at the end of the day.”

The lack of sleep and money were some of the challenges the band faced when producing the EP. It was a tedious process and the members had to see each other up to six times a week, but they pulled through.


The band goofing around for the camera. (Missing: Peng Sing)


The boys first got together for jamming back when they were students who resided in the halls of the National University of Singapore. What started off as a hobby turned into their passionate past time and part-time career. The quintet draws most of their inspiration from bands like the Last Dinosaurs and Pompeii.

Their schooling days are now over and all five members have been working day-jobs for at least six months. However, they still make it a point to meet up at least once a week to jam and take part in gigs.


Check out what Take Two’s members think of each other!


A final piece of advice that the band has for aspiring local youth bands out there: “As long as you keep doing it, things will happen along the way. Stay good friends with each other, and everything should go well.”

Take Two is set to perform for the Baybeats Festival from June 26-28 at the Esplanade. Look up the schedule here.


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