Taiwanese bubble tea chain Dont Yell At Me celebrates 1st anniversary, releases range of fruit-laden beer concoctions

Prices for the drinks start from $12.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 20 October 2022, 4:24 PM

To commemorate its first anniversary in Singapore, Taiwan-originated hand-shaken beverage brand, Dont Yell At Me, will launch a line of beer-concocted beverages from Oct 21, for a limited time only. 

Using Heineken Lager Beer and Guinness Stout, the brand has come up with five different drinks – Power, Romance, Confidence, Honesty and Simplicity. 

Managing Director of Dont Yell At Me Singapore, Ms Choong Jing Ting, shares: “This particular series reminds us to reflect on who we truly are and dare to pursue what we want.”

“For instance, Power could be the ability to own your own journey while Romance is comfort that many may seek for.

“We need Confidence to chase our dreams and stand firm to our beliefs, Honesty to appreciate and build longer termed partnerships and relationships, and Simplicity to stay focused on what truly matters to all of us.”

Those looking for something light and refreshing will enjoy Power, a pale gold lager infused with pomegranate, grapefruit and passionfruit. The drink is a little bit on the sweeter side and the taste of alcohol can hardly be detected. 

Romance is a mix of floral and citrus that features lager concocted with rose and calamansi. This will probably appeal to those with an acquired taste, as it’s quite similar to a cough syrup. 

Besides its medicinal taste, the distinct zesty sour flavour from the calamansi goes unexpectedly well with the bitterness of the lager.

For an elevated drinking experience, Dont Yell At Me recommends adding toppings such as Honey Jade Pearls, Coconut Jelly and Konnyaku Crystals.

Both the Power and Romance drinks cost $12 per cup.


For those looking to take Insta-worthy pictures, Romance is probably your best bet! PHOTO CREDIT: DONT YELL AT ME


Confidence, a stout with notes of English Toffee, has a rich and creamy texture. The drink also comes with an option of adding Cheese Cream. While the pairing does sound bizarre, the saltiness from the cheese gives it a more indulgent flavour, making the drink taste more like a dessert.


All drinks are made with either a full can of stout or lager. PHOTO CREDIT: DONT YELL AT ME


Honesty features stout with raspberry syrup and 100 per cent pure lemon juice. It tastes like the grape flavoured Hi-Chew candy, with a faint minty aftertaste.

The last drink, Simplicity, consists of stout mixed with rum and French vanilla. While it tastes sweet at first sip, there’s a somewhat funky taste that lingers, most likely from the combination of rum and stout.

The Confidence, Honesty and Simplicity drinks cost $14 per cup. 

Those looking for something to snack on with their drinks will be delighted to hear that there are also finger food available. The selection includes Mala Fries ($5.80), Chicken Nuggets ($5.30), Mala Popcorn Chicken ($6.30), Onion Rings ($5.50), Fish Fingers ($6.30) and Scallop Nuggets ($5.30). 

Additionally, from Oct 28 to 30, Dont Yell At Me is organising a ‘Buy A Drink, Help A Friend’

Mental Wellness Charity Event. The event aims to promote greater awareness about mental wellness and raise funds for the cause, with Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) as the beneficiary.

To start the charity drive, Mediacorp artistes Ayden Sng and Fang Rong will make an appearance on Oct 28 from 7pm to 9.30pm and take on the role of store managers.


Fang Rong will manage the front-of-house service while Ayden makes the beverages. IMAGE CREDIT: DONT YELL AT ME


Apart from purchasing individual cups of beverages, those looking to further support the charity event can purchase gift cards, which are available in-store.

Each gift card costs $30, with a total value of up to S$39 for redemption. They will be valid until Apr 28, 2023.

Dont Yell At Me also pledges to donate 35 per cent of in-store sales proceeds from the three-day charity event to SOS, in support of its mental health programmes and services for individuals in crisis or distress.

Complimentary SOS-designed pocket cards will also be given out for customers to find out more about mental wellness, and how to cope or help loved ones who are at risk of self-harm.

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