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T-Rex skeleton to be displayed in Singapore from Oct 28 to 30

This is the first T-Rex specimen that will be offered at an auction in Asia, which will happen in Hong Kong later in November.

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Published: 17 October 2022, 6:39 PM

The first ever T-Rex to ever be auctioned in Asia, Shen the T-Rex, will be put on display for the public at the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall from Oct 28 to 30. 

Art and luxury business Christie’s announced the skeleton’s preview ahead of its Hong Kong Autumn Auction on Nov 30. 

This is the first time that a T-Rex specimen will be offered at an auction in Asia. Shen has an estimated value between $21 million and $36 million. 

T-Rex fossils are described as “incredibly rare”, where one in 80 million T-Rex dinosaurs are preserved as fossils, according to palaeontologist Dr John R. Nudds from the University of Manchester’s Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

He said that Shen has “an incredibly complete and well-preserved skull” and exhibits “pathologic caudals in its distal tail portion” that were not reported in other T-Rex specimens.

Based on how complete the skeleton is, Dr Nudds added that it is one of the most important T-Rex specimens ever discovered”.


The specimen has been temporarily given the name Shen the T-Rex, meaning ‘God-Like’. The buyer will have the right to name the specimen. PHOTO CREDIT: CHRISTIE’S


The Arts House will also play host to works from Christie’s 20th and 21st Century Art category, including Southeast Asian art, Chinese paintings and items from Christie’s Luxury categories such as jewellery, watches and handbags. This display will run from Oct 29 to Oct 30.

Those interested in viewing Shen the T-Rex from Oct 28 to 30 will have to register first.

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