Switzerland’s Matterhorn mountain lights up with Singapore flag

The Singapore flag was projected onto the iconic Matterhorn mountain as a symbol of solidarity, together with flags from other countries.

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 24 April 2020, 7:38 PM

While the world is battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Switzerland has shown its support by projecting flags of different countries onto its iconic Matterhorn mountain.

Since Mar 24, light artist Gerry Hofstetter has been projecting different country flags onto Matterhorn, a mountain located in the Swiss Alps, every night.

The light art is part of a project to show people a sign of hope and solidarity during these difficult times.

On Apr 24, the Singapore flag had its moment of glory on the Matterhorn. The official Switzerland tourism Facebook page kindly described Singapore as “well organised and clean”, just like what Switzerland is known for.


The Singapore flag was projected onto the Matterhorn on Apr 24.

Many Singaporeans reacted positively towards the projection. Some sang praises for the beautiful projection, while others shared their plans to visit Switzerland after the pandemic.


Singaporeans awed by the light art left thankful comments on Switzerland’s Facebook post.


Even the National University of Singapore expressed their gratitude, encouraging everyone to stand together in the fight against COVID-19.

While the Singapore flag is the most recent projection to be shown on the mountain, flags from other countries, such as Thailand and South Korea, were also projected on the same day as a mark of support for fellow ASEAN countries.


The Matterhorn was lit up with the United Arab Emirates flag on Apr 19.

The flag of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was also projected on Apr 19, to which the UAE expressed their thanks by lighting up the Burj Khalifa with the Swiss flag.


The American flag was amongst one of the many country flags to be projected onto the Matterhorn. PHOTO CREDIT: GABRIEL PERREN


Amongst the many flags projected onto the Matterhorn, the projection of the American flag went viral on Twitter after it was posted by Jacques Pitteloud, a Swiss ambassador to the United States.

Just like how Switzerland has shown support to people all over the world, let’s all play our part in Singapore by following the circuit breaker measures and helping our community!

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