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Sustainable ‘tiny houses’ to be built on Lazarus Island for short-term stays; available for booking from April

Other amenities and activities will be launched in phases from June 2023.

Farhana Subuhan

Published: 28 February 2023, 6:26 PM

Visitors to Lazarus Island can book eco-friendly short stays in “tiny houses” from April 2023.

These “tiny houses”, called Tiny Away Escape @ Lazarus, are developed by the Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) in partnership with eco-tourism company Big Tiny.

Launching the concept in Singapore, the local eco-tourism company aims to reinvent tourism accommodation and challenge guests to re-think their consumption patterns through its tiny units.

The five standalone units will be the first accommodation built on Lazarus island for short term stays and will each measure between 150 sqft and 170 sqft. These units will be in line with sustainable practices to reduce holidaymakers’ carbon footprint.


The exterior of the tiny unit. PHOTO CREDIT: BIG TINY


The units will be powered by solar energy and will tap on a power grid as a backup. Additionally, energy-efficient electrical appliances will also be installed to reduce the overall power usage.


An artist’s impression of what the unit will look like. PHOTO CREDIT: BIG TINY


The units will be constructed with sustainable composite building materials that are durable and produced from recycled plastic and wood fibre.

A high-tech recycling system will convert food waste to compost within 24 hours.

Guests will also have access to more than 128ha of natural landscapes to explore on the connected islands of Seringat, Lazarus, St John’s and Kias.

Big Tiny said the pricing of the short term stays will be announced at a later date.

Ms Thien Kwee Eng, CEO of SDC, shared that the corporation is extending the Sentosa getaway for guests through short term stays on Lazarus Island for the first time.

“Aligned with SDC’s sustainability goals, these unique accommodation units have utilised innovative, sustainable solutions and technologies to allow guests to lower their carbon footprint.”

Aside from the short-term stay in the tiny units, visitors can currently explore the bicycle rentals and the Glasshouse, an air-conditioned multi-purpose space which boasts stunning views.


The Glasshouse is a multi-purpose and air-conditioned room for visitors to explore. PHOTO CREDIT: SENTOSA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION


Other amenities and activities include a convenience store, overnight glamping experiences and non-motorised water activities. These will be launched in phases from June 2023.

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