Supermoon ‘Buck Moon’ visible from Singapore on Jul 3

The Buck Moon is the second closest Supermoon to Earth at about 363,000 km away.

Han Xinyi

Still doesn’t understand how the kopi c, o, kosong system works.

Published: 21 June 2023, 4:04 PM

Singaporeans can spot a Supermoon on Jul 3 from 9pm onwards.

The Buck Moon – which was named after how male deers typically grow their antlers in July – is one of four Supermoons that will appear over Singapore this year. It will be the second closest one to Earth this year, and will appear larger and brighter than usual.

It will begin rising after sunset at 7.13pm on Jul 3 from the Southeast direction, and will be at a height appropriate for viewing from 9pm onwards. The Supermoon will reach its highest point at 1.25am the next day and will set a few hours later at 7.40am.

According to the Science Centre Observatory, members of the public can simply head outdoors to view the Buck Moon without additional viewing equipment, though the moon’s appearance may vary depending on the location and its atmospheric conditions.

Singaporeans should be able to easily spot the moon “so long as the skies are clear, with an unobstructed view”.

For a “better and potentially elevated view” and experience, the Observatory recommends the public to view the Buck Moon from areas like the Marina Barrage, East Coast Park or the Southern Ridges. 

The other three Supermoons can be viewed on Aug 1, Aug 31 and Sep 29.

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