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Superga to launch Pokémon sneakers; comes in 3 different styles

The collection has a lineup of six sneakers for both the juniors and adults.

Farhana Subuhan

Published: 6 March 2023, 10:12 AM

Pokémon fans, your dreams of being a “trainer” are coming true.

Italian shoe brand Superga has collaborated with Pokémon to launch The Pokémon Collection on Mar 10. The collection will feature six sneakers that come in three different styles.

The collaboration pays homage to both brands with three adult sneakers and three unisex junior counterparts. Familiar Pokémon hues and motifs will be imprinted on its signature Superga sneakers  – Superga Strap, Superga 2750 and Superga 2490.

Superga will introduce a twist to its classic white sneakers Superga 2750 with a lineup of Pikachu embossed on its sides. Retailing at $119.90, these sneakers are said to be durable and touts an electric blue sole.

The lace-up sneakers also come with four Poké ball shoe charms – the Friend ball, Level ball, Fast Ball and Lure ball that you can switch around for your next outing.

The Superga 2750 junior strap Pikachu comes with two minimal velcro closures and retails at $89.90.

The Superga 2750 Junior Strap Pikachu comes with two minimal velcro closures. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPERGA


You can also meet Kanto region’s cute Pokémon by wearing the sandy grey pair that has an assembly of Pikachu and friends. The right sneaker features Squirtle, Pikachu, Togepi and Bulbasaur while the left features Meowth, Eevee, Jigglypuff and Charmander.

Both the adult and junior designs come in velcro closures and sports a vibrant yellow sole with the word ‘Trainer’ imprinted on the back tab.


The adult and junior designs retail at $119.90 and $89.90. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPERGA


Those looking to make a statement can get their hands on the Superga 2490 that is decorated with the iconic red and white spheres and boasts a chunky sole.

Retailing at $119.90, the striking black pair comes with a bright red base and further emphasised by a bold black line that runs along the foxing.

The junior counterpart retails at $89.90 and comes with fuss-free strap closures for tiny trainers on the move.

The Superga 2490 (right) boasts a chunky sole and a bright red base. PHOTO CREDIT: SUPERGA


The Pokémon Collection will be available at all Superga Singapore stores and online from Mar 10.

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