Sunday Cycling Lane along West Camp Road in Seletar to be made permanent

It will be in operation every Sunday morning from 5am to 11am.

Seif Umar

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Published: 19 April 2023, 12:45 PM

After a six-month trial which started last October, the Sunday Cycling Lane along West Camp Road will be made permanent, announced the Land Transport Authority (LTA) on Apr 15. 

This follows positive feedback gathered from a ground survey conducted during the trial, where most of the respondents mentioned that the cycling lane provides a better allocation of space between cyclists and motorists.

The 4.6km cycling lane will be made permanent and will come into effect every Sunday morning between 5am and 11am. 

The cycling lane can be identified by solid blue lane markings except near junctions and development areas, where it is marked by dotted blue lane markings and red transverse markings.


During operating hours, only buses and cyclists are allowed in the cycling lane. PHOTO CREDIT: MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT SINGAPORE


Similar to during the trial, cyclists who use the cycling lane during its operating hours can do so in large groups, without any limit.

Motorists can use the areas demarcated by dotted blue lane and red diagonal markings to turn in and out of West Camp Road and are also reminded to drive carefully as cyclists and buses may be using the lane during its operational hours, said LTA. 

Besides West Camp Road, LTA is also studying other locations where the Sunday Cycling Lane scheme can potentially be implemented, particularly road spaces suitable for large group cycling and where vehicular traffic is low.

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