Stephenie Meyer releases new Twilight book ‘Midnight Sun’ after 12 years

The author finally unveils the fifth book in the series after scrapping plans for it in 2008.

Esther Lam

Published: 6 August 2020, 8:44 PM

Midnight Sun, the long-awaited fifth book in The Twilight Saga novel series, is finally released by author Stephenie Meyer!

Twilight fans will be delighted to know that Midnight Sun will bring them to the beginning of the iconic love story between mysterious, blood-thirsty vampire Edward Cullen and human teenager Bella Swan.

This time, the story is told from Edward Cullen’s perspective instead.

Released on Aug 4, the 672-paged book was initially meant to be published after the release of Breaking Dawn in 2008. After an unedited version of the book’s manuscript was leaked online, Meyer decided to shelve the book entirely.

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Meyer shared that she decided to publish the book now as she has finally “finished it”. Meyer then began the publication process after finding out that numerous fans had been patiently waiting for and anticipating its release.


Midnight Sun is the fifth instalment in The Twilight Saga series.


Unlike the original storyline which shadows Bella, Midnight Sun lets readers gain insights into Edward’s thoughts and emotions. This includes his ability to read the minds of others and his internal struggles as he accepts his feelings towards Bella.

Midnight Sun is said to be darker and more desperate with our fair-skinned heartthrob being not as calm as he appears to be. In fact, he is overflowing with anxiety.

The history and complexity of the Cullen family, who were brought together by a series of events, is also more in-depth and prominent.

Fans will get to uncover details that Edward withheld from Bella in some of his explanations, such as his meeting with his foster father Carlisle Cullen, and the more human sides of his adoptive siblings.


Most fans were surprised and overjoyed when news of the book’s potential release surfaced online.


Others were a little more… distraught.


Since its release, Twilight fans have been scrambling to grab a copy of the highly anticipated novel, which recently made it to Amazon’s bestseller list and The New York Times’ list of most anticipated books in August.

To date, there are a million printed hardbacks in the US and 300,000 printed copies in the United Kingdom by publisher Atom Books.

Midnight Sun is available for pre-order in Singapore through Kinokuniya and online bookstores like Book Depository and Fishpond.

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