Starbucks Singapore launches new spring strawberry pie beverages

It also added new merchandise to the existing Frozen Blossoms collection, as well as a new Lilac Reusable Cold Cup.

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Published: 21 March 2023, 5:36 PM

New strawberry pie-flavoured beverages have been added to Starbucks’ existing springtime menu on Wednesday (Mar 22).

The three new beverages – the Strawberry Pie Cream Frappuccino, Strawberry Pie Pure Matcha Latte and the Strawberry Pie Pure Matcha Frappuccino –  are topped with light pink strawberry pie-flavoured cream foam or whipped cream, with a strawberry butter cookie crumble topping.

The Starbucks Strawberry Pie Cream Frappuccino comprises a creamy berry blend of strawberry pie-flavoured syrup, milk, and a swirl of crunchy butter strawberry cookie.

Matcha addicts can enjoy the Strawberry Pie Pure Matcha Latte, which consists of a combination of Pure Matcha flavour balanced with milk and strawberry pie-flavoured syrup and is available as a hot or iced handcrafted beverage.


The Strawberry Pie Pure Matcha Latte (left) costs $7.90 and is available as a hot or iced beverage, while the Strawberry Pie Cream Frappuccino (right) costs $8.40 for a tall cup. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


In addition to the new beverages, Starbucks has made the Starbucks Japan Frozen Blossoms merchandise collection available in Singapore.

The Frozen Blossoms collection is inspired by the representation of blooming flowers as a time of renewal in Spring, with the collection of cups designed in various soft shades inspired by the appearance of Sakura flowers glistening in snow.


The collection will be available from Mar 22 on Starbucks Online Store from 10am and on LazMall and Shopee Mall from 12pm on the same day, while stocks last. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


Building on the pastel hues of the season, Starbucks has also released the Lilac Reusable Cold Cup, available at $8.90 each with any purchase. 


The Lilac Reusable Cold Cup is available both in-stores and on the Starbucks Online Store. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


The new Frozen Blossom merchandise and full list of products can be found on the Starbucks website.

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