Starbucks Singapore launches new beverages and food for 2023 summer

Safari-inspired drinkware will also be released alongside the summer menu items.

Han Xinyi

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Published: 19 April 2023, 5:18 PM

A new line of limited time summer drinks, sweets and treats will be available for purchase at Starbucks outlets from Wednesday (Apr 19).

Customers can now quench their thirst with four new drinks: Belgium Chocolate Coffee Frappuccino, Belgium Chocolate Latte, Belgium Chocolate Nitro Cold Brew, and Melon Melon Cream Frappuccino.

The Belgium Chocolate Coffee Frappuccino is priced at $8.40 for a tall sized drink, and comes topped with rich chocolate sauce, coffee and Belgium chocolate shavings for “extreme chocolatey goodness”.

Its latte counterpart is brewed and handcrafted similarly, and can be purchased either hot or iced for $7.90 in a tall cup.

The Belgium Chocolate Nitro Cold Brew will also be made available in stores, where customers can order the “sweet and velvety” drink for $8.60 in a tall cup.

Those that would like to opt for something creamy yet non-chocolatey can try the new Melon Melon Cream Frappuccino. Hailed as “a piece of melon heaven”, this frappuccino drink blends melon syrup, milk, cantaloupe sauce and melon chunks together to create a drink “resembling a slice of fresh cantaloupe”.


If customers prefer a less sweetened option of the frappuccinos, they may request for Light Frappuccinos while ordering. PHOTO CREDIT: STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


Accompanying the new line of summer drinks are a set of pastries and cakes, consisting of the Black Pepper Meatless Chicken Puff, Lemon Drizzle Muffin, Passionfruit White Chocolate Cake and Matcha Chantilly Burnt Cheesecake.

The Black Pepper Meatless Chicken Puff is a new addition of Starbucks’ meatless core food items, with it being made of chargrilled meatless chicken pieces, vegetables, potatoes and creamy white sauce. The meatless puff is launched as part of the brand’s efforts on “reducing environmental footprint in our daily consumption of food”.

The Matcha Chantilly Burnt Cheesecake, which aims to appeal towards those that prefer not-so sweet desserts, is a combination of burnt cheesecake, matcha powder and Chantilly cream.

Inspired by lemon pound cakes is the Lemon Drizzle Muffin decorated with lemon icing and candied citrus peels. Another addition is the Passionfruit White Chocolate Cake. Its vanilla sponge base is topped with passionfruit glaze and white chocolate.


These new sweets and treats are available for a limited time for customers to “reignite summer fun” with. PHOTO CREDITS: STARBUCKS SINGAPORE


Both the summer beverages and desserts are available for purchase in all physical Starbucks outlets, mobile order app and via food delivery platforms from Apr 19.

Starbucks also released new merchandise to commemorate the summer season and the brand’s efforts to become more sustainable. This includes the introduction of two new coffee blends, and a safari-themed drinkware collection.

Limited time reusable shopper bags can be redeemed for free with a minimum spend of $15 or $30 net in a single transaction in stores. They are also available for purchase at $2.90 for a small bag, and $3.90 for a large bag.

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