Starbucks bringing back annual Shiok-ah-ccino series on Jul 13

This series features two new drinks and limited-edition merchandise.

Ernest Cheng

Has an unhealthy obsession with iced lemon tea.

Published: 12 July 2022, 6:42 PM

To celebrate National Day, Starbucks Singapore’s annual Shiok-ah-ccino series will return from Jul 13, featuring new limited-time beverages as well as local-exclusive merchandise.

The first of two new drinks, Starbucks’ Intense Chocolate Gao Shiok-ah-ccino features a blend of dark and milk chocolate, topped with chocolate whipped cream. Customers can also switch up the textures with the Shiok! chocolate topper and chocolate wafer that comes with every drink.

Also making a fresh appearance is their Intense Coffee Gao Shiok-ah-ccino, blended with Starbucks’ coffee roast and espresso complemented by chocolate chips, finished off by the Shiok! chocolate topper and wafer.

Both drinks will be topped with a large Shiok! Chocolate heart to showcase the National Day Spirit.

Starbucks will also launch Singapore-exclusive merchandise through a collaboration with Ang Ku Kueh Girl, a “Singapore-born” illustrated character inspired by the Asian pastry Ang Ku Kueh and created by local artist Wang Shijia. The range of merchandise includes a lunch tote bag, a plush zip pouch and a set of two tea towels.

With every purchase of a Venti-sized Shiok-ah-ccino, customers can redeem a complimentary Starbucks + Ang Ku Kueh Girl Cup Sleeve Holder.

This year’s Shiok! Food menu is inspired by popular local flavours such as their Chilli Meatless Crab Pie and their Sambal Chicken Pie.

There will be new plant-based options added to the Starbucks lineup.

For the week of Jul 18 to 24, Starbucks members can purchase the Shiok! voucher from the Starbucks Online Store at $20. This includes 7 vouchers that entitles customers to various in-store promotions, limited to one voucher pack per member.

The Shiok-ah-ccino beverages will be available to order in-store, via Starbucks Delivers and Mobile Order & Pay, as well as via food options GrabFood, Foodpanda and Deliveroo.

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