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ST Engineering creates wearable aircon for hot and humid weather

The innovation is meant to improve workers’ comfort and productivity.

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Published: 16 February 2022, 1:15 PM

ST Engineering has come up with a wearable air-con for those who work outdoors in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

Called the ARC, the innovation is meant to make workers feel more comfortable as they go about their daily activities, and increase their productivity.

This is especially the case since research by ST Engineering found that workers are about an hour less productive per day when the temperature of their environment rises to 35 degrees Celsius.

The ARC uses ST Engineering’s patented Thermal Flo technology, which offers instant cooling through the user’s clothes within seconds.

The lightweight ergoflex straps of the ARC sits on the user’s shoulders as a cooling plate cools them down from the back and two high-velocity turbocharger fans from the front.


The cooling plate used in the ARC is three to five times more thermally conductive than metal, and thus can continuously cool a large area. PHOTO CREDIT: ST ENGINEERING


The turbochargers at the front of the ARC reduce the heat of target areas, such as the neck and face, accelerating the cooling rate of sweat by two to three times.


The high velocity of the fans increases the body’s natural ability to cool down. PHOTO CREDIT: ST ENGINEERING


The ARC is battery-operated, allowing you to bring extra batteries to continue working outdoors in greater comfort.

If you are keen on trying out the product, you may register your interest for a one-week free trial here.

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