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Squid Game and CASETiFY launch phone accessory collection

The collection features designs inspired by various games and iconic characters like Young-hee.

Amanda Tan

Skills include buying the same jeans in different colours.

Published: 2 December 2021, 11:55 AM

In collaboration with the hit Netflix series, popular phone accessory brand CASETiFY has launched a limited edition Squid Game line.

Released on Dec 1, the Co-Lab collection includes products ranging from phone cases to smart watch bands and even a magnetic wireless charger, all of which have been inspired by the various challenges in the show, along with unique characters like Young-hee the doll and the Frontman.

Here’s a quick look at some of the accessories:

Player Phone Case

One of CASETiFY’s features is that their phone cases are shock-absorbing and can withstand drops of up to 2.98m. With such a tough case, your phone will surely make it out alive if you were to ever end up as a Player.

Part of the Impact and Ultra Impact line, this case allows you to customise the number on the tag. It also comes in two colourways – teal and black.


The Player Custom Number Patch Case is reminiscent of the Players’ tracksuits. PHOTO CREDIT: CASETiFY

Masked Soldier Phone Case

Or if you’d prefer to be part of the cool masked soldiers, here are some alternative options for you! The cases come in three colourways – hot pink, black and double black.


The Masked Soldier Case comes in all shapes and shades. PHOTO CREDIT: CASETiFY


Choose which shape you identify with the most. Starting from the top of the hierarchy, we have the Squares aka the supervisors, followed by the Triangles who are known as the enforcers, always armed with weapons. 

Lastly, there’s the Circles otherwise known as the saikang warriors who handle the cleaning up and disposing of the eliminated Players.

Young-Hee Watch Bands

Available in both pink and black, this adorable Young-hee watch band will surely remind you to be on time.


Young-Hee Watchband. PHOTO CREDIT: CASETiFY


But don’t worry! Even if you’re late, I’m sure she won’t shoot lasers from her eyes.

Dalgona Wireless Charger

Taking the shape of the Dalgona candy, this Magsafe charger is definitely one of the highlights of this series.


The Dalgona Magnetic Wireless (Magsafe) Charger. PHOTO CREDIT: CASETiFY


It’s in such high demand that it’s already sold out online.

These products are priced from US$35 (S$47) to US$60 (S$81).

Wes Ng, the CEO of CASETiFY said: “There’s no denying that Squid Game grabbed the world’s attention with its complex characters, riveting story-telling—it’s what inspired us as a global brand to create a collection with elements from the series that resonate with audiences all over the world, celebrating this moment in entertainment history.” 

For all you Squid Game fanatics, you can browse the full collection here.

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