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Spotify Wrapped 2021 is here with three new features

Spotify seems to outdo itself each year with Wrapped.

Alicia Ang

Strength: Memorising lyrics. Weakness: Having least 144 tabs open at all times.

Published: 2 December 2021, 3:41 PM

Spotify Wrapped seems to have cemented its role as an end-of-year phenomenon, with Spotify users worldwide sharing their #SpotifyWrapped on social media when Dec 1 rolls around each year.

The Wrapped campaign started in 2016, and has gotten more elaborate each year. This year, three new features have been added to each user’s year in review. 

Firstly, there’s 2021: The Movie, where some of your most streamed songs are presented as a soundtrack to parts of your year. Some notable ones are your opening credits theme, the song that plays during your intense training montage, and the song playing as you proclaim your love in the rain. 


Each time you refresh your Wrapped, the lineup of soundtrack songs will change. IMAGE CREDIT: SPOTIFY


There’s also the Audio Aura, where the two biggest ‘moods’ of your streamed songs are presented visually with colours and descriptors like wistful, confident, focused, and comforting.


Your Audio Aura shows colours that reflect the kind of music you streamed this year. IMAGE CREDIT: SPOTIFY


Lastly, there’s an interactive quiz! Users can play two truths and a lie with their own streaming history – for example, who their most streamed artist was, what their favourite playlist was, and the song they binge-listened to the most.


The choices for your two truths and a lie quiz also change when you refresh your Wrapped. IMAGE CREDIT: SPOTIFY


One thing to note is that Spotify Wrapped counts only songs streamed from Jan 1 to Oct 31 yearly, so for the Taylor stans who are disappointed that their 3,000 streams of Red (Taylor’s Version) aren’t reflected in this year’s Wrapped, there’s always next year!

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