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South Korean company selling nose-specific “kosk” mask

The mask is designed for users to keep their nose covered while eating or drinking.

Charlotte Chang

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Published: 11 February 2022, 12:26 PM

South Korean company Atman has invented a nose-specific mask called kosk that allows users to be able to eat while having a mask on.

The name kosk is a combination of “ko”, the Korean word for nose, and the word “mask”.

The design of the kosk is meant to save the inconvenience of removing a mask when eating and putting it back on afterwards. Users can fold the kosk to only cover their noses when they have to eat, and conveniently roll it back down when they’re done with their food.

The kosk uses a KF80 filter, meaning it is certified to filter out at least 80 per cent of pollutants.

One box of 10 masks can be purchased on Coupang, a Korean online shopping website, for KRW$9,800 (S$11). 

Some Twitter users have expressed the lack of need for the kosk, as keeping a mask on while eating still feels uncomfortable. However, the product has made over 100 sales on Coupang since November 2021, with the vast majority of buyers giving it good reviews.

According to the reviews, the kosk is comfortable and doesn’t hurt the ears when it is worn, and serves its purpose well, allowing users to conveniently fold the mask up to eat or drink.

Some reviewers have expressed their initial anxiety when dining in public, especially since COVID-19 cases have been on the rise in South Korea. However, they now feel more assured with the kosk still covering their nose during mealtimes. 

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