SOSD requests donations for treatment of Pulau Ubin dog Teh C

The dog was first warded in the hospital close to two weeks ago.

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Published: 6 February 2023, 2:57 PM

An open call for donations has been put out by Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) to fund the treatment of Pulau Ubin dog, Teh C, on Friday (Feb 3).

The Facebook post revealed that Teh C is currently undergoing treatment at the shelter. According to SOSD, Teh C’s owner contacted the organisation for help after noticing that the dog had lost its appetite and “became very skinny”.

Teh C is the brother of Kopi O, another dog from Pulau Ubin. The two were well-known for accompanying visitors and even “standing guard” for some who stayed overnight on the island. Kopi O passed on in February 2021 in an alleged hit-and-run accident.


Teh C and Kopi O have owners, but are sometimes referred to as street dogs as they freely roam the island. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/SOSD SINGAPORE


Arrangements were made by SOSD to evacuate Teh C from Pulau Ubin. The dog was then brought to the vet. 

“Like most of the previous dogs evacuated from Pulau Ubin, Teh C had contracted Babesia tick fever, and his blood tests showed poor kidney readings, possibly due to severe dehydration,” shared SOSD in its post.

“His blood count was terribly low, and may require transfusion if he does not respond quickly to medications. His full treatment is likely going to cost more than $2000, excluding blood transfusion,” the animal welfare group added.


Teh C was aptly named for his lighter coloured coat, compared to his brother Kopi O. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/SOSD SINGAPORE


After being warded in hospital for 10 days, Teh C is said to be “doing better”. However, as its kidney readings are still poor, there might be a need for long-term management.

SOSD believes that Teh C should ideally be cared for in a clean and comfortable environment to slow down the deterioration of the condition.

Through its GivingSG fundraiser, SOSD hopes to fund the treatment for Teh C. SOSD clarified that donations received through GivingSG will be pooled with other donations and used to provide food, medicine, veterinary care and support for the dogs under its care. 

Donations may also be used to pay for other operational costs of SOSD’s shelters, such as utilities, water, rental and transport costs and costs and expenses of its Trap-Neuter-Rehome/Release programme.

Those who can provide a comfortable place for Teh C’s recovery can also reach out to SOSD through its fosterer sign up form.

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