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Somerset Skate Park reopens under Phase 2

Here's how you can skate safely within the premises while keeping to safe distancing measures.

Wan Munirah

Published: 26 June 2020, 11:50 AM

Good news for those who miss the adrenaline rush of skating through the ramps in town. The Somerset Skate Park is now open under Phase 2, with safe distancing measures in place.

If you’re planning to drop by the skate park this weekend, here are some of the new requirements you need to adhere to.

1. Check in/out with SafeEntry, temperature checks before entering the park

All visitors are required to check in/out with SafeEntry when entering and exiting the premises, to assist with national contract tracing efforts. Look out for the SafeEntry booth at the entrance of Somerset Skate Park.

Do note that the park perimeters will be secured with temporary fencing – all visitors may only enter through a single gate.

You will also need to take a temperature check at the entrance of the park before entering. Those whose temperature readings are above 38 degrees will be denied entry and advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Here’s the full list of safe distancing guidelines for sport and physical activities in Phase 2.

2. Wear your face masks at all times

While face masks must be worn by default, you may remove them only when you are skating.

Don’t forget to put on your masks immediately once you’re done skating or not engaging in strenuous activities.

3. You can skate with your friends, but not more than five in each group

If you are skating alone, remember to maintain a physical distance of two metres (about two arm’s length) as you skate within the premises.

While you can still meet your friends to skate together, make sure there are not more than five people in your group.

Avoid interacting with other groups skating in the same space, and maintain a safe distance of three metres from each other at all times.

As with all sports, don’t forget your safety gear!

4. Not more than 50 people allowed at any time

The skate park can only accommodate a maximum of 50 people at a time, to ensure that visitors can skate within safe distancing guidelines.

If you need to leave the skate park for any purpose, you will need to join the queue via the sign in-out system for re-entry. The Somerset Skate Park will be open from 10am – 10pm on weekdays and 8am – 10pm on weekends, so plan your visits ahead of time.

In any case, if you need a reminder of the dos and don’ts, check out the ‘Safe Distancing Measures Advisory Notice’ which will be set up within the park.

Have fun and ride safe!

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