Six types of people you meet in toilets

If you've been getting dirty looks in the toilet, flush these habits away for a start.

Raphael Francisco

Published: 15 September 2016, 11:59 AM

Toilets are arguably the most emotion-filled places around.

You will meet people who seek immediate catharsis, people who frustrate the rest of the same-sex tribe by doing so, and the occasional awkward ducks who cannot comprehend the meaning of “personal space”.

Here are the six types of people you will meet in toilets.

Male tribe

1. The unlucky one

There is this unspoken toilet rule in the male universe: never do your business in an adjacent urinal to one that is occupied, especially when there are other vacant urinals nearby.

If every other urinal is occupied and you have no other choice, it’s still a forgivable mistake. But if you try to do anything funny, expect the guy next to you to give you the death stare as you go about with your duties.

One other thing to take note, it is always wise to look straight at all costs.


Everyone knows this unspoken rule.


2. The joker

Young men are not exactly well known for their maturity, especially when they are with their band of brothers who simply love to stir nonsense at every chance they get.

So, what happens when a bunch of jokers decide to prank someone in the toilet? While someone is happily doing their business in a urinal, someone will try to pull them back and…well, it isn’t a pretty sight.


Beware of evil pranksters!


3. Mr Bochap

Some people can be extremely inconsiderate, and forget to clean up their mess after doing their business. Sprinkles of urine on the floor and unflushed faeces in toilet bowls – it’s no wonder why toilets are so smelly to begin with!


Why would be people close toilet lids? Maybe they’ve left something behind…


Female tribe

1. The complaint queens

Men will never understand how insane it is to queue up for the toilet. During peak hours, one could wait up to 15 minutes just to answer nature’s call!

In a period that seems like eternity, you have lots of ladies complaining about the long queues. We can’t blame them, since they’re forced to hold their bladders, right?


How is it possible to hold your bladder for 15 mins?


2. The chatter box

It is always gossip galore in female restrooms. Some people just love to talk about their ex-boyfriends or school and office drama where anybody will hear about them. It is almost seems as if they’re publicising their feelings for everyone inside the toilet to hear.

Just remember, you never know who is hiding behind occupied cubicles.


Try to be more strategic when you want to gossip about someone else.


3. The forgetful one

When ladies are on their period, it is common for them to forget to bring a pad along to the toilet. So, they ask their girlfriends to help them out. If you girls have friends like these, cherish them.

It’s really not a joke if you don’t have a pad with you during that time of the month. #squatgoals


A true friend saves you when you’re in need… of a pad.


The next time you visit the public toilet, see if you are able to spot any of these types. Who knows, you could be one of them too!

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