Six things you didn’t know about LEW

LEW, who? We'll tell you.

Kristen Lazarte

Published: 24 February 2016, 12:20 PM

Crescent Girls’ School was taken by storm by the *SCAPE Invasion Tour yesterday, the second stop for this year. The lucky girls were treated to performances by local singer-songwriter iNCH Chua, and LEW, an emerging artist you should keep on your radar for 2016.

We unravelled some little known facts about LEW, so that you can slowly fall in love with him—like we did.

1. He is a “boy-next-door”

Anyone who meets LEW will fall immediately in love with his new-on-the-scene vibe and his cute smile.

LEW, whose real name is Lewis Loh, told us that the story behind his stage name was very simple. “I guess all my friends call me Lew [short for Lewis], and it’s very easy to remember,” he said.

2. Music has always been in his blood

At 12, Lewis took part in his school production of Lion King, joking that was because he couldn’t wait to be king.

“I’ve always been in choir, so I just love singing. I used to study poetry in high school, and I love poetry. Being able to put your thoughts down on paper is just…. [amazing]. Combining [that with] music is like, the best feeling ever,” said the 19-year-old, with a glint in his eye.

“I want to do this full time, that’ll be like a dream come true, you know?,” said LEW, who can also play the piano, drums, and guitar.

Lew serenaded the crowd with ‘two’, a newly released single.

3. His original song ‘Organs’ was inspired by an art piece

With its emotional lyrics, would you have guessed? “I just loved it [the art piece] so much, so I took a photo of it, brought it home and I wrote a song.”

What else inspires him, then?

“Break-ups, relationships. Sometimes, I like writing songs in someone else’s perspective. I wrote one where I put myself in my mom’s shoes, that kind of maternal love,” he said.

Lew looking serious while giving us the low-down about himself.

4. He was born in Hong Kong, BUT he’s 100 per cent Singaporean

His parents are Singaporeans but LEW was born and raised in Hong Kong for a few years. Why did he return, then?

“I love the people here, and for now it’s going well for me. I want to release three more singles this year, [and] I want to do it here in Singapore,” said LEW, who is currently in national service.

5. He’s single (!!!)

Since a couple of his songs are written about love, we were curious if his songs are based on a certain someone. Laughing coyly, Lewis revealed that he’s single. Yes ladies, you read it right! *gasp*

His ideal partner?

“Someone who challenges my perspectives. It’s nice to have someone you can talk to and be completely real, and not be afraid to speak up for yourself and explain your perspective on things. Because a lot of people in relationships, even if they don’t like it, they [just] go with it.”

Two things that Lew wants to be as an artist: Raw and Real

6. Joie Tan is his BFF, and he adores Linying

One of his closest friends in Singapore, local singer-songwriter Joie Tan, is someone he often looks up to: “I just love her, her music, her vibe and everything.”

When asked about his local celebrity crush, he reacted with a sheepish smile. “[Local singer-songwriter] Linying. Oh my gosh, her music is on repeat for me. She released her single on the same day I did, and it’s really good. It’s called ‘Alpine’.”

LEW may be on his way to becoming the next big thing, but he wants to portray a genuine image. “I do music, but I’m also human. I’m just a guy who just likes singing and playing his guitar, and I want to make sure that there’s no barrier between fan and artist. I’m just myself,” he said.

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