Six online games to play with your friends amid P2HA social gathering rules

The fun doesn’t have to stop just because you can’t be physically present with your friends.

Noreen Shazreen

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Published: 20 May 2021, 4:43 PM

With new restrictions imposed under the Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), there is no longer opportunity for us to meet up with our friends and extended family in groups of more than two. 

Since we are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible during the P2HA, it seems that the best way to interact with our peers and extended family is through a virtual game night.

If you’re looking for new online games to keep your blues away, here are six interactive online games that are sure to bring some fun and excitement as you social distance at home.

1. Plato

Plato is the go-to game app that helps you forget about your troubles in the real world and keep your boredom away. The app integrates both gaming and texting features, allowing users to play a range of games and chat with their friends.

With over 45 multiplayer games available on the app, Plato provides a variety of game selections with different difficulty levels. Some of the most popular games featured on the app include pool, bowling and mini golf.


Plato is free for iOS and Android users. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@PLATOCHAT


To play a game with other people, you are required to create an account and invite your friends to get started on the app. Once your friends are added, you can invite them to a game where they will be alerted and asked to join a match. It’s that simple!

Try Plato by downloading the game via the App Store or Google Play!

2. Psych!

Outwit your friends by playing Psych!, an exciting multiplayer game that requires you to create fake answers to real trivia questions. 

Released by famous television host Ellen DeGeneres, the app allows you to choose trivia questions from a wide range of fun categories.


One player has to choose the right answer amongst all the fake ones to each trivia question. PHOTO CREDIT: APP STORE


Each player has to submit their answers to the trivia questions and one player has to pick the correct answer among all the fake ones. You will definitely find ridiculous and bizarre answers from your friends, making the entire game experience entertaining.

You can download the app via the App Store or Google Play.


What better way to spend your time at home than to relive your childhood memories by playing a game of jigsaw puzzles? 

If you loved solving puzzles as a kid, provides an alternative way for you to solve puzzles together with your friends in real-time.

With a wide selection of high-quality images to choose from, brings the online multiplayer experience to a game that people across the world have enjoyed for generations.


The game features a variety of images to choose from, with the different difficulty levels stated. PHOTO CREDIT: FACEBOOK/@JIGSAWPUZZLES.IO


Click on any image on the website to join a public jigsaw puzzle game. Each photo displays the difficulty level and the number of players currently solving each puzzle.

If you’d like to create a game to play with your friends, sign in at the top of the page and click the “New Puzzle” button, which will direct you to generate a link. Simply share the link with your friends to have them hop on the jigsaw puzzle game.


Instead of using traditional pen and paper, brings the Pictionary game to a digital experience. 

Each game consists of a new round where players will take turns to draw their selected word. The remaining players will have to guess the correct word based on the drawing to score points.


Just like Pictionary, allows players to enjoy an interactive game of drawing and guessing the correct word. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM SKRIBBL.IO


Speed and accuracy matter in the game – so the faster you type the word, the more points you will earn! The winner of the game is the player that guesses the most number of words correctly.

If you would like to play with your friend group, you can click “Create Private Room”. As the host, you will need to share the link generated to start playing with your friends!

5. UNO!

Heard of the popular multi-coloured card game UNO? This classic family favourite card game can now be played on your mobile devices.


Instead of playing the UNO card game face-to-face, you can now access the game via your mobile devices. PHOTO CREDIT: APP STORE


With new rules, tournaments, and different modes of play available, you can partner up with your friends in a two versus two battle mode or compete in tournaments to win free prizes and climb your way up the leaderboard.

To start a new game with your friends, click “Quick Play”. In “Room Mode”, you can set your own house rules and play new cards like Wild Punch to give a +4 Wild back to the person who played it.

You can download UNO via the App Store or Google Play.


Similar to Among Us, a popular online game that took the world by storm, is a multiplayer social deduction game where players work together to uncover the betrayer amongst the crew.

A total of six to twelve players will enter a single match, with each player assigned one of four roles which are Crewmates, Betrayers, Sheriff and Jester.


Players have to work together in an attempt to discover who the betrayer is amongst the different roles. PHOTO CREDIT: APP STORE


Crewmates need to complete a series of tasks around the map to win the game, while the betrayers among the crew will sneak around and kill them off. 

Between each round, you and your friends will discuss and vote who is the betrayer amongst the crew. If you make the wrong guess, the betrayers will have a better chance of winning the game.

You can access the game on your browser or download it on your mobile devices via the App Store or Google Play.

As we are all mostly staying at home due to the tightened P2HA, why not give any of these six online games a try? All it takes is a few clicks and you will be set for hours of fun with your friends. 

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