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Singapore’s largest anime retail brand Hakken! to open second outlet in VivoCity on Jul 17

Customers can expect to find anime merchandise from over 30 anime titles.

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Published: 15 July 2021, 2:16 PM

For all anime enthusiasts, be sure to prepare your wallet as more anime content is coming your way this weekend. 

With the success of their first outlet, Singapore’s largest anime retail brand Hakken! announced the launch of their second outlet in VivoCity, which will officially be open for business on Jul 17. 

At the new outlet, Hakken! aims to provide a wider variety of anime merchandise and titles to the anime community in Singapore – with over 700 officially-sourced anime and pop-culture goods to choose from. 

Best-selling items from the first outlet, such as selected merchandise from popular anime titles Jujutsu Kaisen, Genshin Impact, Tokyo Revengers and Attack On Titan, will also be available at this new outlet. 


These include accessories, collectibles, figurines, plush toys, and stationery from more than 30 licensed titles in the anime industry. PHOTO CREDITS: HAKKEN!


By opening this outlet, Hakken! aims to increase accessibility to its products and give their loyal customers an exclusive retail experience.

“While we did expect an encouraging market for the local anime retail scene, Hakken!’s success over the past six months really took us by surprise, and this only proves that Singapore has a vibrant and growing community of anime fans,” says Jeff Lee, general manager of MUSE Communication SG, Hakken!’s parent company. 

Since the first store launch, Hakken! has observed the rise of an interesting group of clientele apart from their usual demographic – consisting of family-oriented shoppers who are parents. 

Parents who shop together with their children will naturally be more curious about their children’s latest anime interests, and this becomes a stepping stone for their own interest. 

Noting this observation, Jeff added: “Besides the increase of parents who bring their children into the store, we have also observed a demand from a more mature market, such as anime fans who have grown up into discerning customers looking for top quality merchandise of their favourite characters, even more from series that may have ended decades ago such as One Piece, Evangelion, and Dragon Ball.” 

In conjunction with their official retail launch, Hakken! will be collaborating with Golden Village cinemas to premiere Crayon Shinchan the Movie: School Mystery! The Splendid Tenkasu Academy in cinemas this Aug 2021.


This movie will be the 29th installment to the popular Japanese franchise since it’s debut in 1993. PHOTO CREDITS: HAKKEN!


Fan screening for this mystery movie will take place on Aug 21 with tickets up for sale at Golden Village on Aug 5. Regular screening will be open to the public from Aug 26 onwards. 

To commemorate the movie, Hakken! will be hosting an online giveaway campaign featuring exciting prizes. Participants stand a chance to win exclusive official freebies such as JoyPacks, plushies and many more.

For more information, you can visit Hakken!’s official website. Happy shopping!

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