Singaporeans rejoice as McDonald’s resumes operations

Singaporeans celebrate their first McDonald’s meal in 23 days, with McSpicy and curry sauce featuring prominently

Winny Wint Htae

Published: 11 May 2020, 11:04 PM

McDonald’s is back, much to the delight of Singaporeans who have been waiting for three weeks.

Despite the shortened opening hours, the fast food chain’s post on Facebook still received many love reactions and grateful Singaporeans filled the comments section of the restaurant’s Instagram expressing their happiness.


Orders cannot be placed through the McDelivery app due to a high volume of orders on Monday. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDELIVERY SINGAPORE APP


Singaporeans certainly showed their eagerness for a McDonald’s meal on the first day of the reopening. The McDelivery app was not available due to a high volume of orders and customers were redirected to the website for delivery instead.


A virtual queuing system has been put in place on the delivery website. PHOTO CREDIT: MCDELIVERY.COM


However, the McDonald’s website also experienced a surge in website traffic, and customers were placed on virtual queues to enter the website instead.


A happy customer managed to snag two breakfast meals after waking up earlier. PHOTO CREDIT: QIUUING’S INSTAGRAM


Some customers even woke up as early as 8am to get a takeaway meal for their breakfast.


Homemade recreations of the McDonald’s meals are just not the same. PHOTO CREDIT: ALAINLICIOUS’ INSTAGRAM


Others recalled attempts to make their favourite McDonald’s food, but admitted that they couldn’t compare to the actual thing and thanked McDonald’s for reopening.

“I came across people creating their favourite McDonald’s dishes at home but self-proclaiming that your version was the best is a joke,” wrote food blogger Alain.


Singaporeans are happy to get their hands on a McSpicy burger again. PHOTO CREDIT: FOODIE9820’S INSTAGRAM


Besides the breakfast meals that the early birds bought, McSpicy also featured prominently on social media, along with McDonald’s curry sauce. There’s definitely no doubting what Singaporeans’ favourite items on the menu are.


Waiting a long time for delivery is nothing if there is a McSpicy meal for lunch. PHOTO CREDIT: BECCACHIA_’S INSTAGRAM


There were also reports of long queues forming at some outlets.

However, McDonald’s is not going anywhere this time. So if you are unable to get it delivered, you can always do so another day, instead of joining the queues! Remember to stay safe!

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