Singaporean youths in Poland launch donation effort to support Ukrainian refugees

The funds raised through their initiative are used to purchase groceries and other necessities for the refugees.

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Published: 11 March 2022, 5:56 PM

The ongoing Russia-Ukraine war has resulted in many Ukrainian citizens seeking refuge in neighbouring countries, including Poland.

Two Singaporeans who are currently based in Warsaw, Poland for a student exchange at Kozminski University, Christie Cheah and Priscilla Wee, recently launched a fundraiser to help these refugees.

The fundraiser, set up through Instagram, aims to raise money for the purchase of groceries and other necessities for the refugees.

Christie shared in an Instagram post that over 500 Ukrainian refugees have since poured into her university.

This influx of refugees has prompted the university to release a list of necessities required by the refugees and set up a donation drive. Seeing the post, Christie and Priscilla saw an opportunity to do some good.


A post by Kozminski University showing all the items that had been donated for the refugees. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM KOZMINSKI UNIVERSITY ON INSTAGRAM


About a week ago, Christie made her first post on her Instagram story to explain the situation. She also encouraged her friends in Singapore who were interested in helping to send monetary donations, which would go to purchasing necessities for the refugees.

In her post, she said: “Any amount would help and even S$10 is enough to cover close to a week’s supply of groceries for one person.”

Additionally, she assured donors that Priscilla and herself would take pictures of the grocery receipts for proof before dropping the items off at the university’s donation drive.


On her personal account, Christie called for willing donors to help supply the refugees with groceries. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CHRISTIE CHEAH ON INSTAGRAM


With over 800 likes and 46 comments, the post quickly gained attention and has encouraged many Singaporeans to donate to their cause. 

With all the donations, Christie shared in another post that even after loading three trolleys full of groceries, they had to make several trips to the grocery store in order to spend all the funds they had received. 

According to a Frequently Asked Questions post made by Christie, the donations have helped to supply food, blankets and more to the refugees lodging at a centre near Kozminski University. 

In their latest grocery run, multiple bags of candies and chocolates were purchased for the children, as well as food for the refugees’ pets.

“If there are excess supplies, they will be transported over to Ukraine and passed to the locals there instead, rest assured not a single item will go to waste,” she clarified in her post.


Christie and Priscilla employed the help of a friend to grocery shop and push their trolleys to the donation drive. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CHRISTIE CHEAH ON INSTAGRAM


In a more recent update posted on Mar 2, Christie and Priscilla notified followers of the creation of a new Instagram account dedicated to regular updates on the donation efforts, as well as general updates on Ukraine and the refugee situation in Poland.

Additionally, they added that they would be seeking the university’s help with the mass buying of groceries to help them balance their workload at school.


Christie thanking donors for all their support. PHOTO CREDIT: SCREENSHOT FROM CHRISTIE CHEAH ON INSTAGRAM


This effort has provided a platform for Singaporeans to make a difference to the lives of the Ukrainian refugees from afar

Christie and Priscilla have intentions to continue collecting donations until their student exchange ends in July. Those interested in donating can reach out to them on their Instagram page for more details.

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