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Singaporean youth can now vote for Youthopia’s new icon

Designed by Mighty Jaxx, the chosen icon is meant to encapsulate the essence of the Singaporean youth of tomorrow.

Amanda Tan

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Published: 11 February 2022, 10:07 AM

In collaboration with local brand Mighty Jaxx, Youthopia is inviting youths in Singapore to vote for their favourite character which best represents their generation.

The three “Architects of tomorrow”, Zap, Spark, and Bud were conceptualised and created by Mighty Jaxx and represent technology, creativity and innovation. They act as companions enabling youths to “Be Heard”, “Be Empowered”, and “Be The Change” that Singapore needs.

The most voted-for icon will then become a new icon for Youthopia and be brought to life as physical collectibles that youths can win through events and activities through the year.

Here’s a look at the three candidates:




As the architect of technology, Zap helps to build a more convenient and technologically inclined society by inspiring the youths of today. Zap supercharges all electronics and emits clean energy for all in Singapore.




As the architect of creativity, Spark transforms ideas into innovative thinking and inspires youths to act on their passions. Made of dreams and aspirations of youths, Spark is a physical manifestation of an idea spark.




A gentle being with the seeds of our youths’ values, Bud guides youths towards showing grace and inclusiveness in our society. Bud comes from the year 2025 and inspires youth to bloom into something beautiful.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mighty Jaxx, Mr Jackson Aw, said: “Culture plays an integral role in building strong communities and is the thread that creates an identity for many. Youths today are action-oriented and purpose-driven, and they want the society they live in to reflect that.

“When we conceptualised these characters, icons, and their stories, authenticity was key for us. We wanted to accurately represent the realities and dreams of youths here. By partnering with National Youth Council (NYC), we are excited to shape and reimagine tomorrow’s culture, one where our youths feel inspired to pursue their aspirations.”

Assistant Director of Strategic Communications at NYC, Mr Kelvin Leong, added: “Through this partnership with Mighty Jaxx, we want to create an iconic figure that youth can identify with. Not only are we able to recognise and profile local talent in the creation process, but we are also giving youths a voice and say in what they hope to see come alive through the designs of the youth icon.

“The designs also aim to reflect what Youthopia stands for – a place where youth can spark curiosity and exploration, find their passions and nurture a forward-thinking mindset.”

Voting will commence on Feb 11 and end on Feb 21. The winning character will be announced in March as the new Youthopia icon.

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