Singaporean TikTok couple holding pizza party for those alone this Christmas Eve

According to David and Esther, there are “no huge agenda” and “no huge programme” behind this.

Sherlyn Sim

Considers knowing how to use a rice cooker an achievement.

Published: 22 December 2022, 5:11 PM

David and Esther, a couple on TikTok, posted a video on Dec 20 inviting anyone who might be feeling lonely on Christmas to a pizza party on Christmas Eve.

In the video, they covered details about the party they are hosting, as well as the reason behind it.

“Christmas is a time when the lonely get lonelier and the suffering suffer quieter,” said Esther. 

David added that they just don’t want people to feel lonely. He explained that he had previously spent Christmas alone and felt extremely lonely and sad.

“I can’t imagine how that would feel if you’re already struggling mentally and have no one else,” he said.

In another TikTok video posted on Dec 21, they provided an update that they have received over 100 messages regarding the party, but are unable to host so many people. As a result, they are only hosting 15 guests.

The couple explained that as they are the only two people involved in hosting the event, they are unable to accommodate everyone. They also revealed that they are working with a limited budget.

“The last thing we want is (for) 100 of you (to) show up and people feeling lonely leave feeling the same way in that huge setting,” David added.

However, they shared that there are plans to host more hangout events soon. This includes one on Christmas Day and another during Chinese New Year.

They also encouraged others to host similar open-invite events with their friends, family or partners.

“There’s really someone that is waiting to be invited,” Esther said.

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