Singaporean man proposes to chicken-loving girlfriend with KFC bouquet

The couple, who met in secondary school, loves KFC so much that the fast-food restaurant is their go-to option for special occasions.

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Published: 16 February 2021, 11:03 AM

Darren Chua and Koh Han Yan, both 27, are a couple that enjoy eating KFC on special occasions. In fact, Han Yan likes KFC so much that she has tried everything on the menu. 

Naturally, when planning to propose to her after 10 years of dating, Darren thought of getting a chicken bouquet to surprise her. 

He considered buying the bouquet from a florist or making one himself, but decided to try getting the bouquet directly from his girlfriend’s favourite fast-food restaurant. 

“KFC doesn’t sell the chicken bouquet, so I thought it would be more meaningful if I could manage to get the chicken bouquet from KFC. I tried writing in to KFC and they were very excited to help us with it,” the market research executive told Youthopia.


KFC advised the couple not to eat the chicken, as it would have been left out for too long. PHOTO CREDIT: DARREN CHUA, ROAM THE HILLS


Wanting the proposal to go perfectly to show his appreciation for his girlfriend, he made sure to book a nice venue early. He even hired a wedding stylist to help out with the decorations.

Afraid that the proposal would not live up to her expectations, he was so nervous on the proposal day that he forgot to bring some things and had to drive home to collect them.

Needless to say, he was a nervous wreck when his girlfriend walked in.

Through his nerves, he managed to pass her a normal bouquet of flowers. She read some cards he had written for her and watched a video he had made for her. 

After he serenaded her, it was time to propose.

During his proposal speech, he even referenced an inside joke between them – she had always joked that she wanted to marry the grandson of the owner of KFC, so she could have unlimited KFC whenever she wanted.

“Although I’m not the young master of KFC, I’ll try my best to fulfil whatever you want, such as getting a chicken bouquet from KFC,” he said earnestly, while presenting her with the KFC bouquet.


Darren hopes the pandemic will end soon so they can have a proper wedding. PHOTO CREDIT: DARREN CHUA, ROAM THE HILLS


Of course, Han Yan said yes. It also shouldn’t come across as a surprise that they ate KFC for lunch the very next day.

 KFC even shared about the proposal, which happened in December, on its social media platforms on Valentine’s Day. 

It’s romantic! It’s true love! For deep fried, baby! Not gonna lie, this was one of the sweetest request we’ve...

Posted by KFC on Saturday, 13 February 2021

The restaurant wrote in its post: “Not gonna lie, this was one of the sweetest request (sic) we’ve received.” 

Netizens congratulated the couple too in the comments section. One even commented that KFC could “consider selling fried chicken bouquets during Valentine’s Day” in future too.

Another added a witty remark: “Next thing to do is to have KFC children.” 

As the saying goes, engagements don’t have to be expensive, they have to be creative. 

There’s no doubting Darren certainly got very creative. Congratulations to the lovely couple on their engagement!

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