Singaporean handcrafted jewellery store selling Squid Game earrings

The collection features four handcrafted earrings to remember the show’s most iconic moments.

Charlotte Chang

You’ll never meet anyone who loves thriller movies more than her.

Published: 19 October 2021, 1:10 PM

Inspired by the K-drama Squid Game that has taken over the world by storm, local jewellery store Lovely Strokes has launched a collection of earrings with iconic parts of the show.

Some pieces include studs inspired by the unreasonably difficult Dalgona candy game, as well as the robot doll from the terrifying Red Light, Green Light game in the first episode.

Every pair of earrings is handcrafted and hand-painted, so no two designs will look the same.

Here’s what will be offered in her collection (spoilers ahead!):

1. Gganbu Studs ($18)

Commemorative of Oh Il-Nam’s departure from the game, this pair of earrings are a reminder of the emotional roller coaster that was Episode 6. Now you can wear betrayal in style just like Seong Gi-Hun dyeing his hair after winning the prize money.


The studs even have their player numbers painted on them.


Just like how Gganbu represents a close partnership between two people, these studs can be bought for you and your best friend as a matching pair. Just don’t play a game of marbles with each other and you should be good.

2. Dalgona Studs ($28)

Sold in a set of four, the studs are designed based on the four given shapes of the Dalgona candy game: Circle, Triangle, Star and Umbrella. This time, instead of being provided with a needle to cut the candy, the pin is attached to the back of the studs to wear them on your ears.


Each candy shape is handcrafted individually, so not all of them will look as perfectly cut as real Dalgona candy. PHOTO CREDITS: @LOVELY STROKES


Unfortunately, the studs are purely for aesthetic purposes and are not suitable for licking as they would only taste weird, so please don’t attempt to do so.

3. Masked Men Hoops ($38)

The Masked Men Hoops are sold in sets of three, and are inspired by the uniforms of the mysterious Masked Men guarding the vicinity of the game.


The odd number of earrings allows you to play around with the placement of Masked Men on each ear. PHOTO CREDITS: @LOVELY STROKES


Without their guns, they’re just trendsetters to remind people to wear masks. We’re already living in a society where people mask-fish, and these guys are just taking it to the next level.

4. Red Light, Green Light Dangles ($40)

Last but not least, the memorable doll from the first episode takes on a new form as it can now dangle from your ears, inciting fear in those who dare approach you with ill intentions.


They’re much more harmless when hanging from your ears.


Jokes aside, the dolls are definitely cuter when they’re quiet, and they do make a good addition to a Squid Game themed outfit.

Chloe, the creator behind Lovely Strokes, has admitted that the intricate designs weren’t easy to make.

Prior to her Squid Game collection, she had been experimenting with polymer clay to make jewellery and accessories for the past three years. She also started a TikTok account for Lovely Strokes to share the behind-the-scenes of her work.

The Squid Game collection and her other products can be purchased on her website here.

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